Dump Bernanke and Audit the Fed

How much damage can one man inflict and still be treated like a saint and savior in Washington?

Ben Bernanke’s career answers that question. The Establishment media has rallied around the current Fed chairman as if his reign was the triumph of wisdom and goodness – instead of a debacle of bursting bubbles and ruined lives.

Even though the Federal Reserve is supposedly independent [insert guffaw here] – Bernanke will not be permitted to continue in his job unless the Senate votes this week to grant him another term.

Sen. Russell Feingold, Sen. Barbara Boxer, and Sen. Byron Dorgan announced last week that they will vote against another term for Bernanke. Unfortunately, I doubt that most Republican senators will have the courage or gumption of these Democrats on this vote.

The Senate will be voting on Bernanke while having little or no idea what the Federal Reserve has done in recent years. That is why Congress must pass Ron Paul’s legislation to Audit the Fed.

These are only first steps, but they would be a giant leap back in the direction of fiscal sanity. The Federal Reserve has been bankrolling the war machine in this country for decades, and a loss for the Fed would make it more difficult to use a charge card for the current or next war.

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  1. The Imperial Senate will never dump Bernanke. Of course they should but, gosh, that would be admitting their own stupidity. Nothing really changes in Babylon-On-The-Potomac. Ergo, 'we the people' should secede that vile hellhole for the sake of our shared humanity. Well and of course, for a better America.

  2. You are so right about the senators having no idea of what the sainted "fed" does. But most Americans don't either, and are encouraged to remain clueless by the establishment's lapdog MSM. Mention the fed and the morons have been conditioned to brand the mentioner a conspiracy theorist.

    But what is even funnier is that the senators, themselves, have no idea why they are there. Ask them and they'll all say they represent "the people". Sorry, geniuses, you are supposed to represent THE STATE from where you came. I guess they think they get to vote on judges and treaties because they're so smart. Wrong! The Founders figured that the STATES needed representation, otherwise the federal leviathan would run over the states that created it. And, of course, they were correct.

    So here's a twofer: abolish the 17th amendment and go back to having the state legislatures appoint two senators to represent THEIR INTERESTS in Washington. That will return real states rights to the US, and it will take 65% of the money these morons raise (bribes) out of elections.

    Oh, and one other thing. 1913 was the year of the great mischief. The "Progressives" of that era gave us, 1. the fed, 2. the income tax so the fed could get their interest on their fiat currency, 3. the 17th amendment so they could easily buy the senate.

    Remember folks, things just don't happen!

    But that will never happen because the buyers of politicians like owning their prostitutes

    1. It was only implied that Senators would represent the states from which they came, because it used to be the state legislatures that selected them. I don't believe the Constitution implicitly says anything about who or what they are to represent. If it does state that, I would appreciate the correction.

      However, since the passage of the Seventeenth Amendment, senators are elected by popular vote, and the implication is that they do represent the people.

      1. By implication, prior to the 17th amendment… that piece of garbage, they were "chosen" by their state legislatures, as you say, and they… these legislators, were chosen by the people were they not? As it stands there is nothing but mischief and evil by letting them run amok as they do.

  3. Amen. Better yet, end the FED. It is the FED that finances the empire's wars of aggression. The political-military-industrial-banking-corporate establishment is driving the American economy into the ground with all of the profligate spending on their endless and perpetual wars. The American economy is on its knees and is teetering on the very edge of total bankruptcy. Tens of millions are unemployed or underemployed, tens of millions are without adequate health care, tens of millions of Americans are now on food stamps and millions have been thrown out of their homes or are about to be. How much more can the American people take before millions of them hit the streets in protest? Have the American people become nothing but a nation of sheep to be sheared and slaughtered for an insatiably greedy and evil ruling establishment? It is time to say to hell with the imperial empire; it is time to put the American people first again.

  4. If they dump Bernanke, nothing will really change because the Jewish owners of the Fed will simply appoint another Jew to run their bank.

    1. This comment is totally repulsive. More filthy than the worth sewage in its (?apparent) bigotry.

      Has this comment been written by an agent provacateur of the most viciously bigoted elements of the worst of the worst of the worst renegade elements of Israel; or someone supporting the FRB in order to be able to slur its critics? Or is this comment from a sincere person, a real anti-Semite, one who merits the term subhuman filth?

    2. I-m a liberal Jew and I hate BLOODYISRAEL!!! I think Bernake is one of the obvious looters of OUR treasury. BLOODYISRAEL owns the USofBLOODYISRAEL! Then, theres AIG, Citibank, WALLSTREETBANKSTERS, Rahmie, the WARWHORE, who thinks progressives are just mean because they run ads against his DINOs. WAAAAAAAA Arlen Spector, pleeeeeeeeeeeeze! Rhamie is a PUKIE in drag taking over the Democratic brand for the PUKIES, who are abandoning their REICHWING base.

      1. Thank I am sincerely appreciative when people of Jewish descent have the courage the confront the war crimes done by Israel. We all together as all sorts of people whether we are lefty Greens like myself or small town loving paleo-cons need to demand an end to American imperialism that serves no ones interest but the elite and work on putting our own country back to together for *everyone* on a just and sustainable basis. By withdrawing our support from israel's war crimes and "our" military bases abroad and bring our young people back home to build a post fossil fuel sustainable infrastructure that will be a big project that we will need everyone to work on. Whittling our trillion dollar a year military and national security state budget down to a tenth that would leave a lot of funding to reduce the deficit, and start building high speed rail, tidal and wind electric power etc. Also Ron Paul is right we need to end the Federal reserve and stop paying interest to the private Wall St. banking criminals. The grass roots left and honorable grass roots true decentralist Libertarians and paleos together are the only people that can do this, the state centrist political whores in D.C. of Wall St. and military industrial complex in both parties aren't going to do it for us.

  5. I just ask a question. Why does the chairman of the FED have to be from one religious ehnic group?. I thought we had no Constitutional requirement that an officer be of a particular faith or ethnic background. Mr. Bernanke should be fired because he has been a disaster. The FED should be close down and it's functions given to the Treasury as they were for many years before the FED was put into existence. Andrew Jackson and Thomas Jefferson had the right idea. No to a central bank.

  6. Baron M. A. Rothschild 1744 -1812 and a British citizen who expressed on numerous occasions to be " the actual ruler of the British Empire is credited with saying.:-

    "Give me control over a nation's currency and I care not who makes its laws".

    President James Garfield also made a similar comment where he is quoted as saying:=

    "Whoever controls the volume of money in any country is master of all its legislation and commerce"

    The U.S. Federal Reserve System is controlled not only by US banks but also foreign ones. Its composition has never been made public in a manner for all citizens to understand. IMO the USFRS needs to be subject to Federal Laws.

  7. Fed tells bailout watchdog to hold documents

    (AP:WASHINGTON) The Federal Reserve is blocking a congressional investigation into bailout decisions made under Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner’s leadership.

    The Fed is telling a bailout watchdog not to share documents requested as part of a House investigation into the bailout of failed insurance conglomerate American International Group Inc.

    A letter from the special inspector general for the financial bailout to California Rep. Darrell Issa says, the Fed “has directed us not to provide you with the documents it has provided to us.”

    Issa is the top Republican on a committee investigating the New York Fed’s suppressing details about deals that sent billions of AIG bailout dollars to other big banks.

    Geithner was president of the New York Fed when the decisions were made.


  8. "Loose monetary policy, easy credit and too much debt created the bubble and got us into this economic crisis. Unless the government learns its lesson and opts for restrained monetary and fiscal policy, it risks a complete implosion of the U.S. economy." – Congressman Ron Paul. Mr Paul is 100% correct. It is the FED that finances enormous government deficits and endless ruinous wars. It is the FED that is primarily responsible for economic booms and busts. It is time to put and end to the private banking cartel known as the FED. Unless that is done, the entire economy of America will eventually be destroyed.

    1. True, Henry, but you and I would have to agree, as only sane people would, that what we're seeing is essentially a deliberate destruction of said economy. This is no accident.

  9. For those who might be interested.

    Came across two statements on a website that claims to know who "control" the US Federal Reserve Systemt.

    One statement details that the Bank of England ( primarely Rothschild owned ) and the Queen of England (Royal Family) are the "real" power. Proof is in the action of the present Queen making Alan Greenspan a Sir due to his opposition to reaffirming the Glass Steagall provisions by the US Senate.

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