CIA Torture Success Claim Cast Overboard, Drowns

Jeff Stein has a great piece on how the most prominent CIA apologist for waterboarding has finally ‘fessed up that he didn’t know what he was talking about.

Much of the news media treated this CIA “expert” like a hero back in 2007. I assume they will ignore his recantation.

7 thoughts on “CIA Torture Success Claim Cast Overboard, Drowns”

  1. I’m sure the Fawning Corporate Media hacks like David Gregory, Brainless–er, Brian Williams et al. will report fearlessly on this story. . . .

  2. Its sicken… the person died hes not coming again and the truth that some folks can sit the behind their computer screens and complain that the video didn't present enough element or that the truth that he cut multiple instances and there was no blood makes you just as much of a sick minded inhumane terrorist just like that person who did the crime. In some cases you can see video games played on-line.

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