We weren’t on the wrong side in Vietnam – – –

We weren’t on the wrong side [in Vietnam], we were the wrong side. —Daniel Ellsberg, The Most Dangerous Man in America, via NewsBusters.org

And were we also the wrong side in the Korean “War”, Panama (Operation Just Cause), Grenada (Operation Urgent Fury), Iraq – – – you get the idea.

Has this sort of behavior by the U.S. government — and other governments — become SOP (Standard Operating Procedure)?

And just in case you want a more complete accounting — and you have a bunch of spare time — here’s a more complete list of United States military operations.

And if you’re morbidly curious of how many lives these sorts of operations have squandered — and have a strong stomach — you can find out from the University of Hawaii’s R.J. Rummel.

And, if you’ve read this far and want to know how much you contribute to this mayhem if you consider yourself a U.S. Taxpayer, the kindly Quaker folks from the Friends Committee on National Legislation have figured that out for you. (HINT: 43% of your 2008 tax bill went to pay for “wars,” past and present.)

So maybe a donation to antiwar.com might actually be a good investment – – –

P.S. The U.S. Government hasn’t declared war according to its charter (the U.S. Constitution) since WWII. So none of those “Wars” since WWII were — or are — Constitutional. Isn’t that cute?

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  1. We were on the right side for the wrong reasons in Grenada. We put the legitimate government back in control and left within three weeks. Our operation was poorly run, but we got out quickly. Grenada celebrates October 25th, the anniversary of our "intervention," as their thanksgiving day.

  2. I hate to say it, DonT, but that sounds like the U.S. Party Line. The U.S.power establishment regularly deposes leaders “it” doesn’t like. Haiti’s Aristide, for example.

    The US backed leaders and their followers usually like the results – – – but more likely it really ticks-off folks. Like in Iran, for example, where the CIA engineered overthrow of popular and democratically elected Mohammed Mosaddeq in 1953 ended up with Iran still celebrating “Death to America” day.


    You can’t get it right by invading foreign countries. Else both Bush II’s elections might have been overturned by foreign intervention.

  3. Thanks Mr Reichard – for your pithy remarks above – and also for the most interesting links – very much appreciate having these references so neatly in one place.

    Cheers – Oz

  4. Its so wonderful that americans are starting to realize the awful truth about their country. Maybe, just maybe, change will come.

  5. "HINT: 43% of your 2008 tax bill went to pay for “wars,” past and present."
    I gotta question that. I think the Quaker chart left off social security and a few other things.

    From the chart: "Health care: Includes Medicaid, __parts__ of Medicare,and the Children’s Health
    Insurance Program,along with health research and public health programs." Emphasis added.

    Meanwhile, from the 2009 budget page: "This analysis covers the "federal fund" budget, which is the spending supported by income taxes, estate taxes and other general revenues. Not included are trust funds, such as Social Security, Medicare, which are supported by dedicated revenues." http://www.fcnl.org/budget/how_were_your_taxes_sp

    Now, don't get me wrong. I think Iraq and Afghanistan are, and have been for some time, worse than useless. But, if anyone thinks calling FICA a "dedicated revenue" magically makes it NOT a tax, well… there's a bridge downtown I'd think you might be interested in buying.

  6. If it wasn't for that little engine of the economy – military spending, America would be in a cold, dark place these days. Love might make the world go round, but war pays the bills (or leaves them to future generations of grateful citizens.)

    1. Bill, thanks for your description of what our present American economy is based upon. It was pure clarity. The American economy is presently in the toilet and is about to get its final flush.

  7. I tend to agree with you, CMC. FICA is indeed a tax and, as honest pols who know what they’re doing will tell you — yes, I know — it goes into the same pocket as so-called “individual” income tax.

    But since there aren’t enough honest pols who know what they’re doing, the FCNL folks are just doing the accounting the same way Uncle Scam does it.

    If you want to see who’s REALLY paying for government, you might find this link interesting:



    Popsiq & Bill Jones, you have unfortunately nailed it. Some folks, particularly Chalmers Johnson, call the results of this terminal militaryindustrial complex evolution, “Military Keynesianism.”

  8. "We weren’t on the wrong side [in Vietnam], we were the wrong side." – Daniel Ellsberg

    2010 update: "We weren’t on the wrong side in Iraq and Afghanistan, we were the wrong side." – Henry Clemens. Thanks Dan.

  9. ""We weren’t on the wrong side [in Vietnam], we were the wrong side." – Daniel Ellsberg

    2010 update: "We weren’t on the wrong side in Iraq and Afghanistan, we were the wrong side." – Henry Clemens. Thanks Dan. "

    When there is a war…..so there are always three sides there…..YOur side…..My Side and the ….Right Side…..

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