Extremist Blogs Could be Next!

From today’s Washington Post website –
“FBI warns extremist letters may encourage violence”

The Associated Press
Friday, April 2, 2010; 9:34 AM
The article ominously notes: ” In the past year, federal agents have seen an increase in “chatter” from an array of domestic extremist groups, which can include radical self-styled militias, white separatists or extreme civil libertarians and sovereign citizens.”
Yo AP! How ’bout that court decision that said the Bush adminsitration massively violated the Constitution with its warrantless wiretaps?

Oh…. Maybe mentioning that would be “extremist.”

One thought on “Extremist Blogs Could be Next!”

  1. Clinton Administration hysteria redux, now that the dummycraps are back in power. Remember the panic and crackdowns on "rightwing extremists/militias" of '95-'99, post Waco/OKC? They're baaaack! Equally predictable is that "Mooslum (or, alternatively, "Islamofascist" [sic] terrism") will regain its ability to induce virulent, state-sanctioned hysteria and violence post-2012, should the rethuglicans regain Executive control. Plus ca change, plus ca never does…

    1. Yep. The news that the 'Hutaree' group had been "infiltrated" by the FBI reminds me of how the FBI recruited low IQ Black Muslims in Miami to blow up the Sears Tower, and then invited the media to record the arrests. The FBI creates the boogeymen d'jour. The press provides the hysteria.

      What's interesting is how leftists, who could be counted on to be alarmed at every move the Bushies made against purported Muslim terrorists, mostly support the current push to erase more bits of the Constitution. Leftists hate the "radical right" more than they care for the Constitution.

  2. Well, first of all, a blog is not a private letter. I agree the NSA and FBI should not be wiretapping private communications without a very specific warrant. But blogs are not private, and it's debatable as to whether emails are either, as they are sent unencrypted.

    At the same time, why do the NSA and FBI waste their time reading people's most private conversations and thoughts, but law enforcement seems to do nothing about actual incitement to violence such as the guy who is encouraging people to throw bricks and also publishing the addresses of people whom he would clearly like to see threatened?

    1. >>debatable as to whether emails are [private], as they are sent unencrypted

      Definitely a new understanding of "private", I reckon. You may notice that most of your communications are "unencrypted", including verbal ones made in the privacy of your home or over the phone. Do you have any expectation of privacy in case of emails? If so, they undebatably _are_ private (numerous retarded disclaimers at the bottom of e-mails coming from various companies will attest to the fact that an expectation of privacy does, indeed, exist)

  3. "Extreme civil libertarians." Jeez, that does sound creepy. Ummm, what are 'extreme civil libertarians'? Does that apply to anyone that's read the Constitution of these United States of America maybe more than once? Cause you know, if you've read it more than once then you're a danger to your neighbors as well as yourself. Cause you know, these United States seem to have veered way off the constitutionally beaten path. Can we all way wars of naked aggression? Torture?

    1. Nothing creepy bout that. Standard for every totalitarian regime that ever existed. Previous dictator and hist aparatchkis explained to you that Constitution is quint and obsolete.

  4. A blog is speech of one form or another. Now what happens to be said there can be considered "extreme" by one flavor of statist whether its to the left or right of their preferred political paradigm. I think that if our government is spending time and money… your money that is… to read blogs and find excuses to come down on you then they've too much time on their hands and are reaching for excuses to make their existance meaningful.

  5. Ay-eh. One of the ways the government knew Timothy McVeigh was guilty even before his trial were the tracts on the front seat of his car when he was arrested. Quotes from T. Jefferson and other crackpot extremists all over the place.

    Start throwing around quotations from the founding fathers, Charles Beard once observed, and you could find yourself in a great deal of trouble.

    By the way, contra the federal assertion in the website quote above, aren't the citizens supposed to be sovereign?

  6. Note that just because someone supports your "team" doesn't mean he can't be a killer. I don't particularly trust either (any) side. I do suspect that the various teams will get more and more violent against each other. Which is one reason I live abroad. (Job opportunities are another.)

  7. Screw the lying, murderous federal dirtbags that killed women and children on Sept. 11, 2001, and before that in OKC, and laid it all on other’s feet.

    Screw them! We’ve had enough of their dictatorial shit for a million lifetimes. No more false flag ops, boys, it’s time for you all to surrender to the military and be jailed in Leavenworth for TREASON.

  8. You can be sure that busting a "terrorist" looks real good on the fitness report when it's time to be promoted.

  9. If anyone is seriously involved in criminal or revolutionary activities, they don't use the internet, the telephone, etc. Mullah Omar relies on written messages carried by female couriers. The Mafia does similar things as well.

  10. Some say McVeigh confessed. Did he? He said nothing at his trial. During his confinement, supposedly not a word for years. Then several months before his execution, a couple of journalistic hacks interviewed him and they said he confessed. According to them he said a lot of unheroic things like how horny he was, that he had no regrets about the children killed, etc. He said everything necessary for the execution to proceed without public comment. Who knows what McVeigh himself said?
    For me to close the case in my mind, I would appreciate a few answers like – If a video tape exists of the Ryder truck parked in front of the federal building, please play the tape from the beginning so that I can see that no John Doe 2 exited the truck with McVeigh; explain how one guy could mix 4 tons of ANFO so well in a very humid environment (by a lake) that it had the chemical purity to snap massive steel reinforced columns inside a building and not just blanket the area in unexploded ammonium nitrate.
    Is it too much to ask that the government not treat its citizens like frightened children that have to be sheltered from stark reality? I’m too old for fairy tales with happily ever after endings. Call me a conspiracy nut if you wish. Better to be that than be some “patriotic” moron.

    1. During the time McVeigh was on death row, he had a continuing correspondence with Gore Vidal. Vidal's book, 'Perpetual War For Perpetual Peace" (2002) contains several of McVeigh's letters to him. You be the judge as to whether or not McVeigh admits guilt. He certainly doesn't deny the bombing.

    2. Well, they say everybody knows somebody who knows somebody who knows the Pope. I knew somebody who knew Tim McVeigh. My buddy even corresponded with McVeigh in prison. My buddy was sure McVeigh did it, but not alone.

  11. Bankcrupt Greenspan-Arabmadoff'z run this ZoO for the past 60yrs..Khalifah Aaed demands 10yrs to run a healthy Earth..Anyone not a slave to worldlord$ shall BE a citizen.

  12. Bankcrupt greenspan-Arabmadoff'z run this too big to fail zoO for the past 60yrs..Khalifah Aaed demand 10yrs to run a healthy Earth away from obama warlordz slavery

  13. Bankcrupt greenspan-Arabmadoff'z run this too big to fail zoO for the past 60yrs..Khalifah Aaed demand 10yrs to run a healthy Earth away from obama warlordz slavery

  14. Yeah, G-d forbid that people take the rhetoric about "buy a gun, you might want to have a revolution" seriously!

  15. The neocons and theocrats have infiltrated the libertarians. Noticed how Republicans made fun of libertarians (and liberals) for YEARS. Now all of a sudden the Republican “brand name” is a cancer so they all of a sudden are now libertarians? It’s bullshit and we are being fooled!

    The same neocons who dissed Ron Paul every chance they had are joining libertarian ranks. They are against everything we are for! They believe in nation building and expanding our empire, they believe in discriminating against anyone who isn’t exactly like them (athiests, gays), they are for the war on drugs, I could go on and on!

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