The National Endowment for Democracy’s Kyrgyzstan Legacy

This is a photo of an undercover policeman kicking the head of a Kyrgyz demonstrator this week.

The National Endowment for Democracy and the Bush adminsitration were proud of their role in the uprising that led to the current government taking power in Kyrgyzstan.

Maybe the Endowment’s apologists will claim that the demonstrator is getting a pro-democracy kick in the head.

Kudos to Vladimir Pirogov, the brave Reuters photographer who got this shot. And triple kudos to the Kyrgyz people for stalwartly fighting an oppressive government.

23 thoughts on “The National Endowment for Democracy’s Kyrgyzstan Legacy”

  1. If those people were smart the first thing they should do is kick the U.S. military out of their country.

  2. The neocons and theocrats have infiltrated the libertarians. Noticed how Republicans made fun of libertarians (and liberals) for YEARS. Now all of a sudden the Republican “brand name” is a cancer so they all of a sudden are now libertarians? It’s bullshit and we are being fooled!

    The same neocons who dissed Ron Paul every chance they had are joining libertarian ranks. They are against everything we are for! They believe in nation building and expanding our empire, they believe in discriminating against anyone who isn’t exactly like them (athiests, gays), they are for the war on drugs, I could go on and on!

    1. REAL libertarians see exactly what is happening here and are reacting accordingly. We realize that the current gaggle of "tea partiers" are nothing more than a band of GOP Neocons in (ragged and transparently thin) "libertarian" clothing who are using (or, more accurately, trying to use) the libertarian movement as a fig leaf now that they're out of power. True libertarians see them for what they really are and want nothing whatsoever to do with these creatures or their perverse statist, government-growing, warmongering agenda and have been withdrawing support for the latest round of "tea parties" for that very reason.

  3. "If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stomping on a human face — forever."

  4. What's the problem here? Jack boot thugs kicking a guy while he is down? Sounds like Western Style Democracy in the New America to me. The thug should put on his taxpayer funded state-sanctioned goon costume and torture the guy too, that's how a patriot would act.

    1. Wanna bet that this Kyrgyz cop (or the thugs who trained him) got his "law enforcement" training from Amerikan "advisors?"

      1. Every notice how those American "advisors" so often contract out those services to Israeli companies? Just a thought.

        1. Noticed it many times. It's called keeping the money, and most importantly, the power, within "the family".

    2. Clearly the demonstrator is outside a designated Free Speech Zone and refuses to cooperate with lawful authority. He must be subdued as a matter of safety and for the public good, to allow traffic to flow, and permit law-abiding citizens to go about their business. If he hadn't been doing anything wrong, this wouldn't be happening to him.

  5. RE: "Maybe the Endowment’s apologists will claim that the demonstrator is getting a pro-democracy kick in the head." – James Bovard
    MY RETORT: "Tsk-tsk, don't be so silly. This kindly, caring undercover policeman is merely trying to make an omelet for (and of) the Kyrgyz people! Naturally, that requires the breaking of a few eggs." – Proud 'Endowment ' Apologist

  6. The Kyrkhyz are a model of how to deal with an authoritarian, exploitive police state.

    The moment the regime's police fired on the crowds, it was all over. A few demonstrators go down, but the police are overwhelmed.

    The docility of Americans is hilarious–they have been televisionized, computerized, and suburbanized–in short lobotomized–to a point of close to ultimate passivity and inertia.

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