Where 9/11 came from?

1. It is impossible to kill enough people to end up with no enemies.

2. For every person your military kills, you create 100 more enemies from family, friends, countrymen, religious colleagues, etc.

3. Friends come and go. Enemies accumulate.

The intelligence services call it "blowback," of course.

–via Jomama and with apologies to Intech Concepts 34, DougBuchanan.com

2 thoughts on “Where 9/11 came from?”

  1. I would guess that these are axioms that the Neocons think that they can violate with impunity. Others are:
    4. There are no artful lies, there is no clever
    propaganda; it always turns to shit.
    5. God has no chosen people, there is no master
    6. What goes around, comes around – every time.

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