Most Sycophantic Apology for Israeli Attack?

The Israeli military attacks an aid ship in international waters and kills at least 10 people.

Naturally, Israel is the victim.

As usual, Glenn Greenwald has some of the best reporting and analysis here. Gideon Levy of Haaretz also has an excellent piece.

Mossad chief Meir Dagan admitted to a committee of the Knesset today that Israel “is progressively becoming a burden on the United States.”

But I doubt you’ll be hearing about his observation in American papers and television reports.

I expect the IDF attack will bring out the best both in American politicians and the American media.

What is the most sycophantic defense you have seen of the attack on the aid ship?

One thought on “Most Sycophantic Apology for Israeli Attack?”

  1. How to defend Israel like a pro:

    Try the we "We Rock" argument
    If that doesn't work, try the "They Suck" argument
    If THAT doesn't work, try the "You Suck" argument
    As a final recourse, use the postmodern "Everybody Sucks" argument.

    Seems to be that "self-hatred" is the most used explaining away any furrowed brows. Which puts us at step 3.

    If that had been Iran, shuttle bombing would be gearing up.
    So much for "the best" and "the most moral" forces.

    Of course, Israel could just have done nothing a let the ships pass and end-of-story. But noooo….

  2. HLN's Chuck Roberts. Defending the Israeli attack because "Hamas violently took over Gaza." Yeah, Roberts said that today (6/1/10). It is a given that Roberts swims in the shallow end of the intellect pool.

  3. Not a defense, but a solution.

    The US representative at the UN security council discussions, Alejandro Wolff, indicated that Washington would be satisfied with Israel investigating itself. In other words, Israel should lead the investigation into its attack on the Gaza flotilla, says US.

  4. "What is the most sycophantic defense you have seen of the attack on the aid ship?"

    "We are studying the situation"
    Israeli Shoe-Shine Man, er, I mean President Barack Obama

    1. I'd just like to add that two of the vessels were U.S. flagged, others were flagged as NATO allies like Turket, that an American college student lost an eye in the Israeli attack, several Americans have been detained illegally and there is no word on their status. And Obama is "studying." Maybe his Israeli chief of staff Rahm Emmanuel and his friend Elena Kagan are helping him study.

  5. Our good friends in the Israeli government are at it again….

    Ain't ya glad your gunvernment steals billions of dollars every year from taxsuckers like you and gives that money to the Israeli gunvernment so it can carry out such nonsense???

    Makes ya proud to be AmeroConned, doesn't it?

    In the USSA the Amerikan Sheeple would have it no other way.

  6. "The Palestinians Never Miss an Opportunity to Miss an Opportunity"®
    -Alan Grayson

    Something like that. Zio-Grayson loves that story!

    And it's coming: 400+ to ~4,

    What are the odds? Would have to be at least 10 to 1 in favor!

  7. U.S. blocks Security Council criticism of Israeli raid

    That's right! Commit acts of war against our allies, our ships and our citizens, and our criminal government won't even criticize it! If this isn't giving aid and comfort to the enemy, what is? Boycott the elections, the government is illegitimate!

    1. The US veto in the Security Council was as predictable as a 13 year old Jewish boy at a bar mitzvah.

  8. There are also some folks on Greenwald's blog (and probably elsewhere) that mentioned how this attack is actually convenient for Israel. The Egyptians have been raising a stink lately about Israel's nukes, and Ben Yahoo was set for a visit with the O-bomb-man, but then this attack happened, and now that trip is canceled and folks are focusing on this attack instead. Sounds like quite a conspiracy.

    "Shame on you Israel," Vanunu said: "The stupid Shin Bet and Mossad spies are putting me back in prison after 24 years of speaking nothing but the truth. Shame on you democracy, the Knesset, synagogues and the world media. Shame on you all the Arabs that are allowing me to be put back in prison. Shame on you Senate, congress, and the chairman of the International Atomic Energy Agency for not protecting my freedom. Shame on you all the world's religions, the stupid spies, the Jews, Christians and Muslims."

    "Everyone knows that Israel has nuclear weapons but no one is talking about it," he said. The world doesn't want nuclear weapons – not in Israel, not in the Middle East and not anywhere in the world."

    Vanunu, a convert from Judaism to Christianity, was kidnapped in a honeytrap set by the Mossad agents in Rome in September 1986. Days earlier he had spoken to Sunday Times journalists, giving them information on Israel's secret nuclear programme. His details and pictures were enough to convince foreign experts that Israel already had a significant nuclear arsenal.

  9. Once again the US government has permitted the Israeli state to murder good people known for their moral conscience. The Israeli state has declared that anyone with a moral conscience is an enemy of Israel, and every American president except Eisenhower and Carter has agreed.

    Obama’s 12-hour silence in the face of extreme barbarity is his signal to the controlled corporate media to remain on the sidelines until Israeli propaganda sets the story.

  10. Hillary Clinton is busy chiding North Korea for an alleged act of aggression against South Korea. No such outrage at Tel Aviv. The White House shares the madman theory when it comes to its allies. It likes to call its enemies (Kim Jong Il and Ahmadinejad) madmen. North Korea and Iran are rogue states. Israel and the United States are rational, only simulating madness. The Madman Strategy of the Rational States mimes the Queen, “sentence first – verdict afterwards.” Or no verdict at all, and simply, “off with her head.” And so it is.

  11. Idiot defence 1) Israel has a 'right to defend itself.' 2) The Israeli response was 'balanced.' 3) Israelis can only be victims and if you don't agree then you're Hitler 3) the Israeli military was 'provoked' when they jumped a ship in international waters and slaughtered aid workers) 4) Anyone who questions the official Israeli version of events is a Nazi

  12. I read USA Today and if that was all I read , I would conclude that:
    1. Israel consented to the aid ships unloading, but the Hamas (Hamas is a recognized terrorist group) supporters manning these ships refused to co-operate.
    2. The IDF was carrying only paint-ball guns but were forced to defend themselves after an IDF soldier was thrown to the deck from a high spot on one of the ships by a Turk.
    3. Isn’t Israel to be allowed to defend itself?
    I am not sure “Sycopantic Apology” is the right phrase; how about “f–king bullshit”.

  13. Of course, none of the unloaded aid items which are on Israel's banned list will be forwarded to Gaza, things like cement, jams and jelly, spices, fabric for clothing, fishing nets, musical instruments, toys, livestock, lumber for construction, sewing machines, etc, etc.

  14. Looks like a gang of religious fanatics with contempt for Western notions of decency and humanity have just committed piracy and killed innocent people. Sounds like "Terror" to me. I guess we'll have to put Dr. Lani Kass to work on contingency plans for taking out Israel's illegal WMDs.

  15. Did anybody watch bill o'reilly try to avoid any actual discussion of facts with alan colmes tonight? Just calling everybody anti-israel while completley ignoring colmes point that if why shouldnt we condemn a bad act when we see one.

  16. Turkey is a long-time, strong and important member of NATO.

    We have no formal alliance with Israel, despite the best efforts of various AIPAC-owned Congressmen.

    It would have been better if we'd heeded Washington's advice about entangling foreign alliances, but if the Turks send a naval escort with the next flotilla and the Israelis attack it, it's very clear where our treaty obligations lie.

  17. If turkey ships were attacked and Turkey is a member of NATO then NATO have to attack the aggressor,i think that such is the obligations of NATO memberships

  18. Eliot Spitzer gave it a good try, but Alan Dershowitz is the Rocky Marciano among Israel's fanwhore apologists. He has a column at Huffington Post declaring the blockade and attack on the relief ships legal.

    But then, if the IDF had boiled the crew alive like lobsters, Dershowitz would have a column up in 24 hours or less declaring cannibalism legal.

  19. Best excuse: the evil "Arab Bloc" Turkish conspiration theory!

    Somebody in Arutz Sheva complained about a concerted cyber-attack by Turkish hackers on an israeli newspaper website and other sites. This supposedly shows a conspiration by the evil Turks. They also have their own interpretation of the whole incident: « The “activists” were arrested after Muslim extremists attacked Israeli soldiers who boarded vessels in the flotilla (…) »

    The peace activists also get a moral facelift: «(…) the Mavi Marmara — was packed with armed Muslim militants who planned an attack on Israeli naval personnel.»

    The also invent a so-called "Arab Bloc", of which Turkey is a member. Could we dub it "inventive geopolitics"? But wait a minute! The anwser lies in a 1868 newspaper clip!

  20. Ooops, corrections to my previous comment. The newspaper clip is from 1947. "Conspiration" should have been spelled "conspiracy". My apologies.

  21. NPR, in a particularly repulsive report on the bloody assault, referred to it as a “bungled raid.” The New York Times, on Tuesday, in a news article, reported as fact, with no attribution, that “the operation seems to have gone badly wrong.” But this was no “bungled” action, or an action that had “gone badly wrong. “ The Israeli attack, and the deadly methods it employed, were both clearly deliberate, and had to have been intended to send a message to those who would assist the imprisoned population of Gaza, who for four years and through an Israeli invasion of that territory almost a year and a half ago, has been kept on a starvation diet by an illegal Israeli blockade.

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