Love, Exciting and New, Come Aboard, We’re Expecting You

Our quote of the day comes from wounded idealist Benjamin Netanyahu:

That was not a love boat. That was a boat of hatred. It was not a peaceful flotilla. The soldiers who boarded the ships were attacked by clubs, batons and knives.

And if you can bear to look, here’s a link to the Israel Defense Force spokesperson’s blog, with chilling photos of the hardware-store holocaust the activists had in mind.

2 thoughts on “Love, Exciting and New, Come Aboard, We’re Expecting You”

  1. With slight editing it almost makes a poem:

    That was not a love boat.
    That was a boat of hatred.
    It was not a peaceful flotilla.
    The pirates who boarded
    were just following orders
    and in fear for their lives…

  2. Israel's use of captured video draws criticism:
    Criticism but not condmenation?
    "The FPA demanded Thursday that the military stop using the captured material without permission and identify the source of the video already released. The material appeared Wednesday on the army's YouTube site labeled as "captured."

    The FPA says the military is now selectively using footage to bolster its claims that commandos opened fire only after being attacked."

  3. The Love Boat (simply Love Boat in its final season) is an American television series set on a cruise ship, which aired on the ABC Television Network from September 24, 1977 until May 24, 1986. The show starred Gavin MacLeod as the ship's captain, who encourages his customers to find romance. It was part of ABC's Saturday night "one-two punch" along with Fantasy Island until the latter show ended in 1984.

    The original 1976 made-for-TV movie on which the show was based, also titled The Love Boat, was itself based on the nonfiction book The Love Boats by Jeraldine Saunders, a real-life cruise director. Two more TV movies (titled The Love Boat II and The New Love Boat, respectively) would follow before the series began its run.

    The executive producer for the series was Aaron Spelling who produced several successful series for ABC from the 1960s to the 1980s.

    The sitcom was usually set aboard a cruise liner called the Pacific Princess, whose passengers and crew had romantic and funny adventures every week. Other ships used were twin sister Island Princess, the Stella Solaris (for a Mediterranean cruise), Pearl of Scandinavia (for a Chinese cruise), the Royal Viking Sky (for European cruises) and the Royal Princess (for a Caribbean cruise). In 1981 P&O Cruises' MV Sea Princess was also used for a special feature length episode called 'Julie's Wedding', set in and around Australia and guesting, Lloyd Bridges, Katherine Helmond, Harry Morgan, Patrick Duffy and Anthony Andrews, among others.

    Series stars MacLeod, Bernie Kopell, and Ted Lange are the only cast members to appear in every episode of the regular series, including the last three 2 hour made-for-TV movies, and stayed throughout the entire run. MacLeod was not the captain in the first two TV movies, however. We are told in Love Boat II that Gopher, Doc, Isaac, and the captain in that movie all served together in Vietnam, but no reference to this is ever made to their shared history again. However, when McLeod's character was introduced, there was mention of him being "the new captain." Though Grandy was given an appearance in every episode and stayed throughout the entire run, he missed the last of the three two-hour made-for-TV movies.

    The long-running TV series was finally canceled in 1986 (with the exception of the final three made-for-TV movies), not only because of low ratings, but also because actor Grandy wanted to leave the series to seek election as a United States Congressman, representing his native Iowa, as a candidate of the Republican Party. He was victorious, less than a year after the show's cancellation, and served four terms in Congress. After the show's cancellation, the show became immensely-popular in reruns, both in syndication and on TV Land."


  4. What's next–"Love Pirates of the Caribbean"?

    Suppose they can get Depp to play Netanyahu?

    Wonder how long it took Netayahu and his crew to come up with the Love Boat/ Hate Boat duality?

    1. it's obvious who his statements are aimed at: American TV-watching boobies, particularly older Americans who remember that show. They could care less what the rest of the world thinks.

  5. I would really like to know how much longer the US feral government will steal money from people like me to give to the governments of people like Booboo Nutnyahoo.

  6. Any one who dares challenge Israel or opposes its actions ,according to Israel and its suporters ,is full of hate anti-smetic,terrorist lover.

  7. "The ships of State sail on mirage, and drown in sand."

    Quite beautiful.

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