New Footage of the Aid Ship Attack

While Israel’s military confiscated the vast majority of the video footage and photographic evidence of last week’s attack on the Mavi Marmara, Iara Lee managed to smuggle roughly 15 minutes of never before seen footage out, which was released today.

The video shows a largely calm civilian crew in the lead up to the attack and the panic that ensued. It also shows two people from the ship using the infamous “slingshots” to fire at the Israeli helicopter. Mostly the scene breaks down from there, with people in life jackets running around and the occasional wounded person.

Though one 15 minute video can never possibly be an all-encompassing view of what really happened, it certainly underscores passengers’ claims that they weren’t “preparing for battle,” and nowhere to be seen are the mythical 50 Turkish soldiers, which Israel at one point claimed were hiding on board armed to the teeth.

Israeli Attack on the Mavi Marmara, May 31st 2010 // 15 min. from Cultures of Resistance on Vimeo.

58 thoughts on “New Footage of the Aid Ship Attack”

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  2. The Turks have been doing advanced invisiblility research.

    Israel is right to be afraid. The Turks could invade with an army of 500,000 Stealth commandos and no one would be the wiser except for increased sales of Turkish Coffee and Turkish delight.

    Kick Turkey out of NATO! Put them on the Terrorist Nations List! Sanctions against Turkey!
    Nuke their nuclear reactors!

    1. If Turkey rushes Dark Templars then Israel should just build observers, obviously. Of course, Turkey will want to mine more minerals in order for this strategy to be effective… 'cuz war is a game, right?

    2. Israel should reveal it's Nuclear Arsenal numbers and stop let barbaric savages to threat her like Turkey or Syria

  3. Does the US Congress serve Turkish coffee!

    Rename it "Freedom Fries" immediately!

    Have you folks figured out yet that the US political, military,and financial elite is insane? Not as a metaphor mind you–actually, actively insane.

  4. @E.A. Costa :

    just close your eyes and your heart for zionist israel barbarity, how zionist pay for it?

    even the world know who's the real terrorist and who deserved for "terrorist state" title.

  5. The Mavi Marmara should have had a hundred cameras on board to film everything that happened, all of them transmitting directly to the Internet so the videos couldn't be stolen.

    Okay, they weren't prepared, but the next one should be!

    1. the israelis had that covered with broad spectrum signal jamming – the video transmissions would never get through. did the same thing during the USS Liberty attack in 1967. What might be more useful would be hidden cameras worn on the person disguised as other things such as jackets, hats, pens, belt buckles, etc. these things exist and can be bought online easily. given that the video on this page was somehow smuggled out, it's very conceivable this could work.

      1. In the full hour video, the first vessel appearing off the mavi marmara (during dawn prayer), take a look – could that be a communications jamming craft? It isn't a troop carrier, is longer, metal, lightly manned and covered in antennae. I also believe that this vessel is what a couple of witnesses mistook for a submarine conning tower. Easy mistake to make in the dark when you look at it.

  6. Israeli Nazis demonstrate their bravery against UNARMED and HELPLESS Samaritans.
    American taxpayers are financing these atrocities and religious lunatics are supporting and cheering them on.

    1. Muslima are killing each other all over the world
      (irak,sudan,) no body cares. Muslims are humilating their women no body cares
      Only when Israel is self defending itself ur getting aroused.

      1. If I may be so bold, I think why so many are incensed over Israel as opposed to other countries where violence is widespread is the amount of money that flows to them. To be honest, I don't think the elites actually care about the people that die in any of these conflicts other than using it to make political hay at home. Which is why I worry about people trying to get the US involved in 'humanitarian' conflicts. We don't exactly have a great track record of bringing peaceful co-existence to the masses.

  7. Check out the Israeli National News coverage where they say that there was no humanitarian aid aboard the Mavi Marmara. "Israeli commandos were ambushed by armed mercenaries posing as peace activists. The commandos opened fire and killed nine of the attackers after three soldiers had been brutalized and temporarily captured.".

    They then have the chutzpah to claim that wheelchairs, hundreds of crutches, hospital beds, four tons of medicine and various hospital equipment – closets and cabinets, operating theater equipment, etc. "does not constitute humanitarian aid".

    1. This humanitarian aid is waiting for the Palestinians forthe past two weeks. If it so needed why isn't Hamhas passed it to the Gaza population?
      9 ships one of them is relatively large carries only 50 tones?
      Oh I forgot they had to sail all the non-violent peace activists. I'm sorry for any real peace activists who were led by Erdogan's politics. They utilized cynical exploitation.

  8. Sorry, but I don't buy it. Where are actually the scenes to show how those peoples got their injuries?And no one explained how the blood got onto that spot before the soldiers even boarded the ship. That's not a place that can be reached from the helicopters and that's most definitely not a spot to pass through when carrying an injured person, except if you want to lift him/her up or drop him/her, which is highly unlikely one would do to an injured person. And how was the scene actually smuggled? Too many unanswered questions, not to mention the frequent sound of dropping bars and metal stuff.

    1. If you would see an interview with the director of this film, she said that what id shown is row material, but on that interview, they cut of the scene in which you see an american showing to the camera a document taken from an israeli soldier, and seconds after that he points on on soldier drug down on the stairs wounded, and the american says that they caught two isreli soldiers. well this part is not shown on the interview :) also none of the events on the upper deck, before the shooting, when those barbarian terrorists attacked the first soldiers coming aboard with knifes, poles swords and broken bottles. also there is a scene here in which an israeli parliament member ( an arab lady called Zuabby ) is with all the riots and she is trying to avoid being on the video. also she is the one who is shouting to the soldiers to stop shooting coz there are wounded ppl down there. why did she spoke in Englis? she knows hebrew, and that's the language of the israeli soldiers whom she's applying to. i'll tell you why – it's all for the media/ they are all big actors there. Hollywood in a Turkish style :)

    2. Who cares what you buy/don't buy – there's not a single valid point you make.

      You are an Israeli hack. You're a dime a dozen, sweetheart..

      1. Hmmm…it's interesting how, when one side of a debate can't justify a position with valid arguments or can't face justified questions, they will always fall back to personal insults, without even realising that the only side being insulted is themselves, by their own lack of self respect and respect for others. Think about it next time you decide to answer, "sweathart".

    3. A norwegian in the video comments the red stains and says (in norwegian)"we don't think it's blood, we think they are using some kind of paintballs". He also points out that they are trying to stay clear from the red laser-sights that are also shown at the same time of the video.

      1. Thank you for the translation. That is indeed a part that needed to be clarified for those of us who don't speak Norwegian.

  9. Sorry, I can't see any fear or panic there. they act very calm knowing this is the Israeli army. very strong and trained but humane and caring.

    You never mess around with a soldier nor with a policeman unless you want to risk your life.
    If the commando would have been giving up and turn around and go, the whole Arab world will have the feeling Israel is weak and afraid, it could lead to an immediate war in the region which would cause much more killing and suffer.

    Once Israel decided not to let any ship enter Gaza without control this is it. Fight against it politically not with violence not against an army and not against one of the best armies in the region.

    Israel is a small dot in a big Arab world surrounded by many enemies. Just to hear Hezbollah leaders and Iranian leaders. Their goal is to destroy Israel.

    Israel must defend itself exactly like any one of us would do.

    1. Yeah LOL shooting innocent people at point blank range is something all of us would do?

      Beat it loser…

      1. Israel is a violent, rogue terrorist state which should be condemnded as long as it continues its violent and morally repugnant actions.

  10. this clip as very badly audited, people praying while the shooting goes on?and the testimony of the American guy telling about 2 soldiers held in the bottom deck. many injured on their lower part of their bodies. slings on hand shooting at the choppers? playing David against Goliath? bad movie scene, wearing gas masks and life vests ? what is this getting ready for a hallowing parade?? were they getting ready to jump ship??? i want my money back!!! BAD MOVIE!!! BAD SCRIPT BAD AUDITING!!! 2 THUMBS DOWN!!!

      1. yeah but yeah but,zoo or animal farm,we gotta defend our ass,just don't get caught defending yer self like apeareintly the Gazan's are not allowed to do,well because they tried to defend themselves once or twice,isn't that clear enough for ya,gee what are ya INSANE

  11. I expected and am now seeing that the humanitarian aid on the attacked ships is being destroyed by Israel – the sterile medical supplies are carelessly stored and allowed to be contaminated, medicines with short shelf-lives stowed away to age out of usefullness, and wheelchairs/crutches declared ‘not humanitarian aid. Someone please tell me that Israel has not descended to the level of Nazi Germany.

    1. Your ignorance is very unfortunate. If I were you I'd go a little into the history books to see who was Nazi Germany.

      1. Interesting perspective of history you have. If I recall it correctly that was the year of major pogroms against Jews organised by the hands of Arabs, actually, while the British mandate autorities stood by watching and practically doing nothing. Maybe you should retake that class.

  12. Israel has NO right to “defend” itself in international waters…even if the passengers of the Mavi Marmara has been assembling nuclear devices…the situation would still be that they were in international waters. There is no such thing as “defense” in international waters…there are no exceptions. If you grant Israel some excuse because they claim to have perceived a threat then you have granted them a justification to initiate armed aggression any place on Earth. Next week maybe they will perceive a threat by someone inside the Pentagon and send commandos there.

    1. Are you for real? What is your government doing right now in "International waters", invading countries because of "credible intelligence" that points to the assembly of WMDs? How do you defend that?
      You sit back there and criticize whether a country does or doesn’t have the right to defend itself… come and live in the city that had to take 6000 rockets, have kids that lived in fear every single day, and then tell me what the Israelis should or should not do… do your homework first.

      1. I don't try to justify the actions of the US government abroad i.e. preventive war in Iraq because I don't agree with it. Pre-emption based on suspicion can be used to justify an awful lot of terrible things. Which is what the Nazi leadership was convicted of at Nuremberg.
        As for Israeli security, I think their overly aggressive defense does a lot to harm their long term security. The situation with what happened on the aid boats is something of a microcosm of Israeli defense policy which is a message of we are not to be trifled with or you will pay in blood 10 times what we suffer. But with 60+ years of that kind of policy can the Israelis say that they are safer because of it? I would say no.

      2. capitalist police actions on whOOmzzs behalf,remember the project for the new acme zionist american half life century,(now thats embellishment),people come on now, agents of foriegn politcal/?religous?entities,can we all just decide if it is or is not ALL ABOUT THE OIL at Fort Crotch of the WORLD

  13. You people are amazingly ignorant. You see a video and you don't ask yourself where is the footage of the moment of and during the takeover… What was she afraid of showing? The truth? Obviously any one camera could only show what the director wants you to see and it is where the lens is directed to (what is taking place beyond the lens’ cone of vision can never be seen!!!). So in this video we only see calm people so called “peace seekers”, with slingshots and suddenly, we see blood-covered people, wounded and even one dead person. But how did that happen??? Why didn't this glorious filmmaker choose to show it like it was? Speaking about blood, how come the director is showing blood stains on one of the ship's walls even before the attack took place? Interesting huh!?

  14. Stop taking sides and demand the entire coverage so you can form an opinion. Stop acting like the rest of the herd and be smart for once for god's sake and don't fall for whatever "freedom seekers" choose to show you. It is all biased anyhow… Do they really want to promote peace? Let's see them break the HAMAS regime in Gaza who is really terrorizing the s&^%it of the Palestinians there.. See then what kind of blood bath they'd get themselves into… Let's see…
    By the way, Israelis never claimed there were 50 Turkish soldiers on board. This is nonsense. This is media talk. Look for the facts and official comments, don’t believe everything “BLOGERS” put out there

    1. Why would anybody listen to a word a wanker like you has to say?

      Can you answer that?

      1. Yes I can. You choose simply to take a stand and don't want to deal with the facts because it may be incontinent to you. That's your choice of course. I don't agree with how the Israelis did what they did, but I am simply saying stop agreeing with propaganda such as this video clip which is designed to show you half truths.. that's it.
        You think I am stupid? great. That only strengthens my point of guys like you act superficially. You already ‘know’ I am stupid without you even know me… Live well and prosper.

    2. "Stop taking sides," he says, and then goes on to take the Israeli government's side.

      Get lost, trolltard.

  15. The San Remo memorandum states, specifically 67A, that if you have a boat that is charging a blockaded area you are allowed to intercept even prior to it reaching the blockaded area if you've warned them in advance.

    1. Finally someone who actually takes care to know what she's about to write! Thank you, Ann!

    2. That's assuming that it's a legal blockade Ann. It's not:

      According to internal Israeli documents discovered by McClatchy news service, the Israeli government admitted amongst themselves that the blockade was not to prevent terrorism but as a collective punishment on the people of Gaza who dared exercise their democratic right to elect Hamas (which was in part the creation of Israelis who wanted a rival for the PLO so they could divide and conquer). Why else would they prevent kids toys, wheelchairs, goats, cows, etc from entering Gaza? That sort of collective punishment is in fact a war crime under the Geneva Convention.

    3. yeah any thing about economic warfare(McClatchy,thursday i think),i can't read,do ya got any thing that works in warsaw that might also apply HERE,even twice without repeating

  16. The Israelis confiscated everything including cameras,films,videws,and photos.
    "After the Israel Navy took over the boat, he said, the soldiers searched every passenger and confiscated everything they found. "They took two cameras, microphones, a stand and other equipment from me and my photographer. They took one of the cameras as I was taking photographs," says Luppichini, who was working for Italy's RAI-3 television and an Italian-Swiss television channel when he was detained. '…;

    few days ago Luppichini discovered that while he was confined in Be'er Sheva and after he was back in Italy – a day after his deportation – purchases were made with his credit card, which the Israeli authorities had confiscated.

  17. The Israeli government confiscated every recording and communication device it could find—devices containing almost all the recorded evidence of the raid—thus allowing the state to control what the world learned about the assault. The Israelis selected, edited and released footage they wanted the world to see.
    Four days after their capture, most of the detainees were deported by the Israeli government, well after the story had been framed.

  18. ITS a way of life?or just censorry depravations period as in what the H E double tOOth picks is really going on in GAZA, PICTURES,IMAGES,just not in hebrew,(can i say that)also censored and blocked,it can't be anything good that the Nut End YahOO government is too proud ,publicly anyway,snicker snicker at the sadistic glee club,,, case closed,I'd like to thank all our guests that just majically appeared today and will recieve free" a parting of your hide gifts on the way out the trap door ya crawled in outta of,don't forget to donate with all that imperial treasury yer famous for,(can he say that)and swearing loyalty to a country other than where ya reside,so that it won't conflict with the constitution,did i tell i'm not gay or brewish,heck i'm not even unhappy,bu bye now,thanks again,LETS SEE MISERY AND POVERTY "LIVE"from the gaza strip & zion swine wet T-shirt bar and lizard lounge,THIS WEEK go self censor yerself, plays headlining Keys to a TYME MACHINE,huh,what,?oo,,,etc,media spectacle,etc,,,

  19. Anne wrote: “The San Remo memorandum states, specifically 67A, that if you have a boat that is charging a blockaded area you are allowed to intercept even prior to it reaching the blockaded area if you’ve warned them in advance.”

    San Remo applies only when a state is at war. With which country is Israel at war?

    Also San Remo states it is illegal to apply a general blockade to a whole population, such as the population in Gaza.

    Try harder, hasbara troll.

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