Eric Garris on Bill Meyer Show founder and webmaster Eric Garris will be interviewed on the Bill Meyer Show Wednesday, July 7th at 7:05am Pacific/10:05am Eastern. The topic will be the recent comments by Republican National Committee chairman Michael Steele on Afghanistan.

Listeners can enjoy the audio stream as well as a video feed from the host here.

Update: Mr. Garris also discussed the case of Michael Steele on The Karel Show on Green960 AM earlier today (July 6th.) Alternate format here.

2 thoughts on “Eric Garris on Bill Meyer Show”

  1. Good job, Eric. My eyes nearly rolled out of my head when I heard that caller speak matter-of-factly about how Afghanistan's being an imperial graveyard is wrong history. The same mental giant was so frustrated, as he was preaching that when Congress surrenders its duty to declare war to the president, they have constitutionally declared war! Good job, MSM. The people are being "well-informed."

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