John Bolton’s “Armed Social Workers”

As part of the continuing discussion of Michael Steele, Judge Andrew Napolitano and Rep. Ron Paul bravely take on former UN Ambassador and AEI senior fellow John Bolton with passion but the winning zinger goes to Christopher Preble, Director of Foreign Policy Studies at the Cato Institute. Professor Preble dares to ask why conservatives who opposed nation building under President Clinton now embrace such under President Obama.

10 thoughts on “John Bolton’s “Armed Social Workers””

  1. I loved the CSPAN discussion with the Judge and Ralph Nader. I wonder how many Democrat rank-and-file would agree with the Democratic rep? It explains a lot of Obama's poll numbers.

  2. I love Judge Andrew Napolitano!!! How soon until the establishment Israeli firsters get him off the air?

  3. We've always been about expansion. it seems that once we expand it makes become a bigger and stronger country; expansions always been a tactic for strength. just like what england had done years ago, countries now are trying to influence other countries to do what they want. all of these debates will not change that countries like to expand to other countries and influence them.

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