Justin Raimondo on Fox Business Channel

Update: A video of the full show has been posted here. The first segment is Julian Assange, with Justin Raimondo (and his opponent) in the second segment. We will be posting the stand-alone segments in the next day or so.

Antiwar.com’s Editorial Director Justin Raimondo will be appearing this weekend on Fox Business Channel’s Freedom Watch, hosted by Judge Andrew Napolitano. The show airs Saturday, July 31 at 10am and 8pm and again on Sunday, August 1 at 7pm and 11pm. All times Eastern. Please note this is Fox Business Channel, not Fox News.

A preview of the show can be seen below.

9 thoughts on “Justin Raimondo on Fox Business Channel”

  1. Thank you Justin that you are doing that.
    Be strong, you know you are right! If some like you don't do it nobody will,

  2. FYI, WikiLeaks founder uploads mystery file.

    After leaking 92,000 classified US military documents, Julian Assange, the founder of the whistle blowing website, has uploaded a file called “insurance” to the website and elsewhere. The file is 1.4 gigabytes, a thousand times larger than the recently leaked documents.

    The file is encrypted under AES256, which is equal to the methods used by the US to encrypt Top Secret material. It is estimated that even the fastest computer would take millions of years to decrypt the file.

    It is believed that Assange, who is under intense scrutiny by the US, may have distributed the pass key to supporters, who could release it to the public. However, the talented former hacker would realise that this could place supporters in a difficult position.

    In earlier times, Assande co-invented what he calls "Rubberhose deniable encryption", a method that uses encryption to hide the amount of data or files, enabling a person to surrender one key, that would release harmless documents, without revealing the existence of other files. He said he developed the concept, "as a tool for human rights workers who needed to protect sensitive data in the field".

    The contents of the file are unknown. However, the recent release of documents, detailing the coalition’s experiences in Afghanistan, are not part of the 500,000 documents from Iraq, alleged to have been sent to WikLeaks by Bradley Manning, who is currently held in the US. Manning is also accused of passing a video of an incident in Garani in Afghanistan that local authorities say killed 100 civilians, most of them children were killed during a helicopter assault, as well as 260,000 U.S. State Department cables.

    Smart guy. Clever.

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