Justin Raimondo on Fox’s Freedom Watch (Video)

Antiwar.com editorial director Justin Raimondo appeared on Freedom Watch with Judge Andrew Napolitano (Fox Business Network). The video has been posted, here is the segment with Antiwar.com editorial director Justin Raimondo. Below that is posted the earlier segments with WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange.

One thought on “Justin Raimondo on Fox’s Freedom Watch (Video)”

  1. The former intel poohbah must be confusing the Alien and Sedition Acts with the US Constitution.

    The men who wrote the Constitution were so concerned about false charges of treason they made it one of the most closely defined and limited "crimes" known, requiring, among other things specific overt acts and two witnesses.

    For all that the whole wikileaks brouhaha has the air of another absurd Sanguinettian spectacle, played out, as the Health Care debacle, by two sides of carefully legended shills.

    After La Stein–the blind leading the blind leading the blind.

    Trust they parachute Simmons into Iran behind enemy lines in the first wave, and Napolitano along with him.

  2. I'm awe-struck by the mental enormity of Simmons' argument.

    "Worship the State, or else!"

  3. Great interview Justin! Wayne Simmons confirmed everything you wrote about the corruption of the ruling class in the United States. I loved it when he stated that only him and people of his ilk are qualified to judge the moralily of a war and us peons out here should just blindly accept that judgement. What incredible hubris! He confirned what you stated in the beginning of the interview that the USG wants to wage a secret war on the dime of the taxpayers of the United States without telling them the truth about what is actually happening in those wars. As if telling a few sleazy pols in Washington D.C. the truth about the wars being waged by the USG is equal to telling the American people. Wayne Simmons=Ruling Class in United States

  4. Get him, Justin.

    We have to trust our elected (and unelected as wel) leaders? Not with all the lies they have told going on for the last 20 years easily. This is the same sorry crew of liars, idiots and in the case of the neocons, real traitors.

  5. And to think this Simmons guy was actually employed by an "intelligence" agency, every time i see him on fox he's just regurgitating base war party slogans and myths.

    The war party has always been pissed off with the fact that it was real reporting that helped end vietnam, with the invent of "embedded reporters" they thought they had plugged the hole, this is why they hate wikileaks, the plug has been pulled and all of their disgusting despicable lies are getting out to the public.

  6. Simmons is a ideological dinosaur whose p.o.v. should be made extinct by any means possible.

    A terror-monger of the Black Ops and military torturerers who are complicit in the murder of perhaps millions of innocent people, from Regan's support of death squads in Central America to recent debacles in the Middle East.

    Wikileaks has them scared shitless because of the sensitive info they may possess, information that may be included in that mysterious insurance.aes256 file.

    The truth of the matter is that many people in power are corrupt and they must fear that their tenure in government, littered with illegalities, will be revealed. Governement officials who have so much to hide should be preparing for the inevitible; i.e. their own trials for crimes against humanity.

  7. Simmons is used to being able to interrupt anyone he likes. What a punk. The most amusing part for me wasn't even the caricature-like insanity of screeching "Terrorism!" at anything that doesn't help prop up the US government, but Simmons' own self-contradiction on authority. He said a few times that we have authorities to determine what should and should not be divulged to the public, this is their job, etc. But then the Judge asked him (in a part which seems to have been edited out form the above clip) what he thought about the Supreme Court's decision on the Pentagon papers, he without hesitation said "misguided decision." Oh, excuse me, are you a Supreme Court Justice, or a judge in any capacity whatsoever? A lawyer even? No? Then shut up, terrorist, we have Authorities whose job it is to determine such things. Maybe when you overthrow Obama in a military coup you can dissolve the SC and insert your own interpretations. Until then, you're nobody on the subject of law.

  8. Justin did OK but did not nail this guy with his own words.
    Simmons said that he doesn't want any organization (foreign or domestic) that claims to be the all knowing, all seeing organization that thinks it understands war (than our leaders of this nation). Why should there be anyone that is more all knowing than anyone else? Simmons forgets that our leaders' bosses are the citizens of the US. We elect the leaders, the intelligence services don't control the elections (yet). If we are unknowing and unseeing of the understandings of war, it's because our leaders and intelligence services) are keeping the information from us. We are not little children that need to have things kept from us (because they're too scarey). If it's as unpleasant or difficult to comprehend as Simmons implies than maybe it's not worth doing, and the people of the US should be part of that decision making. We have made decisions based on limited information, and we as a country have made bad decisions as a result.
    Simmons only likes hates Wikileaks because he is part of the all knowing group that wants to control everyone else. Exclusiveness is a dangerous policy in a democratic republic.

  9. I watched part 3 of 5 and found Justin Raimondo to come off quite poorly. He failed to allow the other guest to make their point. Instead of listening to each guest I had a hard time listening to either. Answer the questions and then allow the host to make the point. He doesn't need to talk over the other guest when Andrew Napolitano will make the best points in the end.

  10. I wonder about Mr. Napolitano. In this segment, he's very even-handed. He didn't try to characterize Justin's point of view as representing a fringe opinion. He's articulate, experienced, massively well-informed, and understands Supreme Court law to the depth required to deftly take it and hang Mr. Simmons with it.

    My question is- is he always like this? If so, how long can he last on Fox?

    1. My guess is that Napolitano's term will depend on how long he continues to provide an interesting show . He has always been very fair when it comes to his guests. I haven't seen him try to gotcha yet.

  11. By the way, has no one pointed out how different the reaction to a leak to Wikileaks is to the reaction to, say, leaks to Aipac?

    When Rosen delivered classified information to the Israeli embassy, it was "oh, come on, this is how Washington works."

    When Manning does it there's a congressman calling for the death penalty.

  12. What an evil unpleasant smirk that Wayne Simmons has…. quite scary how some of these pro-war guys actually look. Almost as bad as Hillary Clinton's face..

  13. @Erin
    "We have to trust our elected (and unelected as wel) leaders? Not with all the lies they have told going on for the last 20 years easily. "
    I am old enough to recall the Gulf of Tonkin incident in 1963. They were lying then and, I'm sure, long befor then.

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