13 thoughts on “Scott Horton Debunks the War Hysteria Over Iran’s Bushehr Reactor”

  1. Bushehr is not a reactor. It's an electric power plant. AP seems to be spouting disinformation all over the world by calling it such.

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  2. Scott has a talent of explaining complex issues in simple terms. I saved the link of this video for future reference.

    In my view, In this times of corruption, dishonesty and deception in most of media Scotts’s integrity is invaluable.

  3. One must always realize that israel’s fears are the result of its hatreds. It fears Iran because it hates Iran. It is nothing that Iran did (at least not in the last 2,500 years), We destroyed Iraq in service to Israel’s hatred of them. Israel hates all of its neighbors; should it destroy all of them the Israelis will turn their hatred upon each other. Read the Bible if you wish to know how it all ends.

  4. Was Karen Silwood murdered because she accidently stumbled upon info that would have exposed an Israeli/USA weapons grade nuclear material theft & smuggling operation … info that would explain the genesis of Israels nuclear weapons much to the embarrassment of Uncle Sam?

  5. It's never Obama's fault. It's always the 'hardliners' and 'neocons' and the 'war party' that are at fault.

  6. Why has Horton become a propagandist for Obama, ala Gareth Porter? Both Horton and Porter know that Obama has NEVER tried "diplomacy"l, so why do they keep deploying the lie that Obama wants to 'give diplomacy a chance'?

  7. or "nuclear plant"(without including the words electrical or power) makes it sound more of a "threat" to those who did not benefit from their educational system and easily believe anti-Iranian propaganda.

  8. Non è mai colpa di Obama. E 'sempre il' linea dura 'e' neocons 'e il' partito della guerra 'che sono in difetto.

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