32 thoughts on “An Awesome MSM Clip on Iran”

  1. Typical warmonger- ignoring reality when there's so much hay to be made over standard international belligerent statements. I'm sure our boys wrote "Death to Iraq" on some of their bombs and missiles; I know the Israelis let school children write such things on artillery shells being prepped for Lebanon a few years back. Everybody does it in wartime, or as a chest-thumping exercise when the cameras are snapping. If this Neo Clown would think with any sort of rational thought he'd see right off he was about to get PWNT badly and he'd shut his mouth.

  2. It seems as though the stupid Fox-style hectoring anchors are taking over the whole MSM now, and they can even make a crazy neocon look good. This isn't awesome at all. It's just another stupid show. Glenn Greenwald would do well to address these yelling anchors if he doesn't want to get polluted himself.

  3. Fun to watch, perhaps – effective? Probably not.

    I was turned off by the host not allowing May finish a sentence. I am a huge Glenn Greenwald fan and I have every faith in him that he could have held his own without the host being so heavy handed.

    It would be better to have a more level headed anchor moderate (and fact check) this kind of debate.

    1. I'm with you on this. Dylan did not do anti-war people any favor in this clip. He should have let Glenn take on May alone.

    2. You didn't like the host not allowing free flow for May's lies? What does that tell us about you? Are you part of the liberal media?

      1. I didn't say that the host should have given him a free pass, but Ratigan talked more than May did and it made it seem like he just didn't want to listen to what May had to say. He wasn't correcting May's factual errors, he was just steamrolling May with his own points. Greenwald didn't get to say a whole lot either – and it was obvious that he didn't completely agree with Ratigan's central tenant. This host took an interview/debate that could have been very valuable to the discussion (and really let the anti-war movement shine) and flushed it down the drain for his own ego.

        Is Ratigan a host trying to enlighten his audience or is he a superficial pundit that is simply trying to dress up his editorial by having "experts" show up and "say things" while he overrides whatever they say with his own opinion?

  4. I am so upset, and tired, of the endless repetition of the "Iran wants to wipe Israel off the face of the Earth", or however it is stated by whichever bomb-Iran-now-monger states it. A mistranslation that pleases the warmongers, repeated and repeated.

    And "Death to America" written on missiles? As mentioned by a previous commenter, such things are said about your so-called enemies. And Iran should damn well think of the US as an enemy, whether speaking of the overthrow of their elected government in the 1950s, or the threats of bombing them in the present, perhaps with nuclear weapons.

    The US has been nothing but aggressive towards the Iranian government since the 1979 revolution, and, in essence, their people, by continuing such threats and sanctions which hurt — guess who? — the Iranian people. And the end result, if the desires of Mr. May and the rest of them are established, is the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Iranians, Americans, and who knows who else.

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  6. They talk about the Saudi-US relationshiop and the Israeli-Arab relationship…. WHAT ABOUT THE ISRAELI-AMERICAN RELATIONSHIP?!?

  7. Hard to cover everything, but I would have liked the idea of sanctions discussed more. Not letting goods into a country is an attack on the people (I'm admittedly not knowledgeable about what types of goods and how we are blocking them). How effectively do sanctions hurt the government? Look at how effective they were in Iraq. I hardly think sanctions are this lovey dovey act of diplomacy. Otherwise great clip!

  8. I am surprised that the anti-war debater and the moderator both let pass so many untrue statements. It is not true that Iran is supplying the Taliban. It is true that Iran is anti-Taliban and was initially one of the allies in over-throwing the Taliban. It is not true that Iran has pledged to wipe Israel off the map. But it is true that many in the Bush and Obama administrations have said "all options are on the table", which is a threat to wipe Iran off the map using nuclear weapons. Incidentally, the UN Charter, which the USA wrote and passed as a treaty, making it Constitutionally the "highest law of the land", forbids member nations to threaten war against other nations.

  9. Mad props to Mr. Ratigan. Sorry, but you don't bring a knife to a gunfight. He uses the tools that folks like Vannity and O'Reilly have successfully employed for years, except he is using them in the defense of a rational foreign policy. He directly challenges the notion that being against these counterproductive wars is unpatriotic, and then goes one better by saying this is indeed what real patriotism looks like. Like Greenwald himself wrote in his blog, Dylan is saying things that you just don't hear from any other host on on any other mainstream channel.

    Peace be with you.

  10. I am getting sick of pundits and even the well educated journalists claiming or agreeing with the notion that the President of Iran said HE or IRAN wanted or had a desire to wipe Israel off the map. That is Neocon propoganda. His actual words were something to the effect that the Zionist regisime, by way of their beligerent actions, would wipe themselves off the face of history. Context is everything.

    Everyone also seems to forget that the first CIA led coup to overthrow a foreign leader was when the CIA overthrew the President of Iran in 1953 because he took back the oil fields from foreign own firms and nationalized them. The U.S. and Brittain were the agressors then. Now it is the U.S. and Israel that is the terror of the region.

  11. To me it looked more Saudi bashing than anti-war. These neocons will be quite happy to attack Saudi Arabia as well, so there was no point in talking about that. The anchor essentially said — OK Iran is bad but Saudi Arabia is bad too. To which the war-monger replied Yes we will deal with both in due time. Who won? You be the judge.

  12. One point to hammer home with these people: the warmongering jackass is Al Queda's best ally. Clifford May is blinded by imperial arrogance, and cannot see that he and his lot are in effect acting as Bin Laden's agents in the US. Luring the US into wars against their enemies (Saddam, the Taliban, the Iranian Mullahs) and bleeding the country dry is Al Queda's expressed purpose. Allies such as May are weakening the country, undermining the constitution and eroding our liberties, strengthening jihadism, exponentially increasing anger and righteous hatred against the murderous American crusaders who kick down doors, torture and slaughter civilians, empower corrupt local leaders and suppress indigenous resistance with ghoulish death squads. That is the face of Clifford May's America.

    1. Cliff May's organization is funded by Israelis who use the tax dollars taken from US citizens for the purpose of distributing Israel propaganda. U.S. citizens should not be taxed to have Israel's propaganda reguritated back to them.

  13. I'm very interested in how we will 'deal with Saudi Arabia in due time'. The only card we really have to play is nuking Makkah and I guarantee you a threat against Makkah will make any Holocaust look like child's play when the entire- and I mean ENTIRE- Muslim world drops everything it's doing and turns it's sights on whoever makes the threat- US, Israel, Monaco- whoever. Other than that, what are we gong to do? Sanction them? Stop our tourists from going there? Freeze their assets? Okay, fine, but I bet they're smart enough to see all of that coming and will divest themselves of US holdings so fast it will make the economy spin, and not for the better. As for the rest of this sorry exchange, I do think May got PWNT pretty badly at the hosts' hands, but I too would have rather seen him given enough rope to hang himself with each statement, instead of being cut off each time.

    1. Yeah, the "deal with Saudi Arabia in due time" comment was one of the weirdest things I've ever heard said. Something is really disturbing about the fact that May can condemn Iran for making hyperbolic statements that may or may not amount to "Death to America" and insinuate the right to "deal with" (read punish like an insolent child) Saudi Arabia and Iran in a single breath.

  14. I agree with other commenters that Dylan Ratigan doesn't do many favors for anti-neocon/anti-war folks here. He allowed the segment to degenerate into a shoutfest. And what's with all this highlighting the very real oppressive features of the Saudi regime??? The neocons will be more than happy to march other people's kids there, too.

    As for the tired old trope that Ahmidinejad once threatened to "wipe Israel off the map," here's an educated person on how his statement actually translated from the original Farsi, and how the Western media shills totally distorted the real meaning of what he actually said:

  15. By Way of Deception, We Shall do War http://beforeitsnews.com/story/178/722/By_Way_of_
    My take on this,the USA/UK/Canada's media packaged their news cast with lies and got USA into two needless invasions. After nine years of 9/11 pathological media lying, notice turncoats are appearing.
    Now after the damage to usa has been exposed and a revolution is brewing–the media is starting to go after Israel Firsters.
    Has anyone noticed that many zionists are sporting unshaven facial growth to appear tough :^/

  16. And to DEUS X. NIHILO , I see you too have been duped , again by your own laziness , there was no MISTRANSLATION of FARSI . In fact the statement was made SEVERAL times , in unmistakable contexts . . Obviously you share an anti-Israel bias , which is your right , however , there's no need to LIE , in order to support your view . Ergo , there's no need toi tell you where you can put your "link " .
    And apparently Mr. A from Iran , is a 9/11 Trufer , a view no doubt inculcated by the many imbeciles we have rightr here in the U.S. , who can only provide "links " to OTHER IMBECILES of like lazy minds .

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