OOPS! Again.

…allegedly "hacked" software, in the case of the CIA, is now being used to guide killer drones to their targets, according to IISI’s legal pleadings, despite the fact that the modified software doesn’t function properly… –CIA Drone-Code Scandal Now Has A Big Blue Hue

8 thoughts on “OOPS! Again.”

  1. What do I say on it? I think that’s the translation.

    Clearly the U.S. Government is committing war crimes again, and this shows a further level of villainy.

  2. So the software is less than reliable and mistakes will be made. That's only a concern if you value human life.

  3. No one should blame our laptop bombardier heroes for the deaths of thousands of innocent men, women and children. All of these unfortunate "collateral damage" deaths are just due to "computer error." Got it? Good, so now, let's "just move on." OK?!

  4. So what happens when a drone gets it wrong and goes after American soldiers? What will the family be told- if anything- about how Jimmy or Suzie died as a result of a mistake that could have been easily prevented? I'm sure the troops on the ground will understand that during wartime "sh*t happens" and will be comfortable with drones overhead. I'm sure the Iraqi, Afghan, and Pakistani people will understand that even the most wealthy, most militarily advanced country in the world makes errors in judgment about fixing or replacing flawed software and that the sacrifice of their sons and daughters is the price they will have to pay for western-style democracy- a democracy, they might add, that they didn't ask for or even want.

  5. So the drones run on Windows? Not Linux or something uniquely CIA? How long before Afpak hacker start sending them back where they came from?

  6. Remember the plans to have drones patrolling the skies of the US, blowing up bad guys? How long before they are killing US/Canadian ranchers etc.?

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