Libertarian Party Founder David Nolan, RIP

I just received the very sad news that my old friend David Nolan has died.

David Nolan was the founder of the national Libertarian Party in 1971. He continued to be a leader of the LP, running for US Senate in this past election against John McCain. David was the creator of the “Nolan Chart,” which redefined the old left-right political spectrum unto a more-accurate two-dimensional field. He was an outspoken advocate of radical libertarianism and was a strong voice against war as the worst infringement on liberty.

I always enjoyed David’s company and political counsel. He was also an excellent source of money from the many political bets he lost to me. I will miss him.

Yesterday, David suffered a stroke while driving. He would have been 67 this Tuesday.

12 thoughts on “Libertarian Party Founder David Nolan, RIP”

  1. What a perverted universe we live in where people like Nolan die young but people like McClown live forever and cause maximum damage.

  2. A truly noble man, with acute insight and unassailable principles. I thoroughly enjoyed working with him in the early years of the Libertarian Party. He will be sorely missed, but long remembered as a political pioneer and and a patriot of the liberty movement.

  3. I'll always cherish the personal email I received from Dave back at the end of September when I contacted the Pima County, Arizona Libertarian Party (or what passes for it) for an update on their election-related activities. Dave himself responded with a personal email directing me to the local chapter's current chair. This both touched and saddened me. I was touched because this was a man running for U.S. Senator, a grueling experience for any candidate that literally sucks the life out of them and takes up 24 hours and then some of each day, and yet he took the time out of his busy schedule to email a potential constituent personally. I was saddened by this for two reasons. First, the televised debates between the Arizona Senatorial candidates revealed Dave to be the only one who had anything sensible to say, especially compared to the despicable John McInsane, who didn't even deserve to be in the same room with Dave, breathing the same air, and whose incoherent, rage-filled ramblings spoke volumes about the residents of this open-air asylum of a state who've kept him in the Senate for over two decades. Needless to say, Dave got only the most cursory of coverage in the MSM during and following the debates, coverage accompanied by the usual biased, condescending, pro-state smears typical of those organs. Second, the fact that Dave emailed me personally indicated that he had little or no staff to help him run his campaign, a tragic and sickening confirmation of the extent to which the Government Party, funded with stolen tax dollars, has co-opted the election process.

    Last but not least, I can only think of the pain and heartache Dave must have been feeling to see the platform of the party he founded with the purest of libertarian ideas at heart diluted and co-opted over the last decade by "Demopublicans/Republicrats lite" who felt that the principles upon which the party was founded were "too controversial for gaining new members." (On that subject, Here's Dave being interviewed by Lew Rockwell on December 18, 2008.)

    Rest in peace, Dave. You will be SORELY missed!

  4. Gerhard,

    What a lovely tribute to the man the younger LP folks knew as The Nolan.

    It's in death that we see the other sides of the living and learn new things about each other.


  5. I only wish David could have seen his dream of Peace and Liberty realized. The burden on those that remain to achieve that goal has become a little heavier for us that remain.

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