Call Interpol! A Condom Broke! (WikiLeaks)

Given the breathlessness of U.S. media coverage, one would think that WikiLeaks’ Julien Assange was wanted for raping half the virgins in Sweden.

The reality is far less saucy. The New York Times summarized the charges against Assange: H/T Salon

According to accounts the women gave to the police and friends, they each had consensual sexual encounters with Mr. Assange that became nonconsensual. One woman said that Mr. Assange had ignored her appeals to stop after a condom broke. The other woman said that she and Mr. Assange had begun a sexual encounter using a condom, but that Mr. Assange did not comply with her appeals to stop when it was no longer in use. Mr. Assange has questioned the veracity of those accounts.

How many uncaptured war criminals are on Interpol’s target list? How many people accused of genocide? How many politicians are out and about who should be on the Interpol list for war crimes?

The U.S. government is busy screwing Americans and much of the world – and Interpol goes off hot and heavy seeking a broken condom culprit???

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  1. You lose credibility when you try to spin. If he wouldn't stop after they said to then he raped them.

    1. Whoever considers that a male is capable of 'stopping' after actually getting a dick in, has been watching too many porn flicks. The little head overrules the big one which should have stopped him form being with her at all. That being said how smart is she? She figured that saying 'no' would magically engender the rspect he should have had for her when she dropped her knickers?

      Rape? Give us all a break it was coitus un-interruptus.

    2. if i give you money and you go in to a store and buy something and then i say i don't want you to have my money is that person a thief

      p.s. i understand rape is a different case, but there is a big difference between an assault and saying no after already involved in sexual intercourse

    3. It's like the two &*!+ bragged about having had a good time before they decided to get together and "seek advice" with the police aka. accuse someone while not having to actually support the claim later.

  2. You have to wonder how much illicit, kinky, or ‘non-consensual’ sex our boys in the Green Weenie have done. One of the “pleasures” of war is sexual shenanigans abroad that you couldn’t do at home. :-(

  3. the girls are someone's dirty mind slaves. That is what it means to be in a cult. They will do anything that they are told by their masters. Beware of these types. I'm more worried that Julian caught an STD

  4. If you are Australian you can nominate Julian Assange for Companion of the Order of Australia with this form:

    I think the Swedes need to publish the actual charges against Assange. I would also like to know if any similar charges have ever been made in Sweden or anywhere else? This is the first I have ever heard of something like this. I could be wrong, but it is the kind story that goes viral or gets posted on thesmokingun. When I read coverage of this Assange is mentioned in isolation, not as Assange did this and there was a similar case involving someone else last year. Is Assange the first person in history to perpetrate this offense?

  5. oh boy! I lived in sweden for 11 years and now I live in canada. I'm so glad I got away from this !#*#&$^@*#& idiocy of 50% women by law, completely fraudulent accusations, state's nose in every possible private affair… good bye and good riddance sweden!

  6. capone – tax evasion
    rinse – repeat
    assange – consensual sex turned non-consenting after government threatens women as accessories to leaks.

    all are non-crimes

    taxation = theft
    unjust laws are void
    prisoners' dilemma is a ruse- NYT and Guardian would also be accessories after the fact but they WILL NOT be prosecuted because revealing the truth is not a crime.

    john stewart is wrong- the media highlights of bubblegum leaks does not mean other leaks they choose not to emphasize or report on are much more damning and should come out from the report. There is a there, there or else he would not be public enemy number 1.


    Peoples Republic of 1 DHS

  7. I am quite ashamed at this blatant smear campaign orchestrated not-so-behind-the-scenes by the US. The rest of the world can look at the entire situation and see it's clearly a cheap shot to discredit Assange- it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out why. The US media breathlessly reports how horrible a person Assange is (per their instructions from the government) and the rest of the world laughs at us for being the least-informed and least-concerned public of any nation on earth. I am disgusted at the large portion of Americans who have obediently turned to sheep.

    1. I hope someone else leaks the evidence of the orchestration of this smear campaign. There's got to be more emails, cables, etc generated by this.

      Or, has our government now become an organization that doesn't write things down, doesn't talk on the phone, and meets in the parking lot behind Lenny's Strip Club in order to plot its nefarious activities in a way that Wikileaks can't expose them.

  8. Anyone who's ever had sex without a condom, or when the condom broke, with a swedish prosecutor, politician, or media editor, should immediately come forward and press rape charges against such individuals.

    Surely there's an upset ex-wife or ex-girlfriend out there who can help enlighten the rest of the world about the real frequency of such 'rape' cases in Sweden?

  9. It is my understanding that the day after each of these sexual encounters, the women were Twittering how excited it was to have sex with such an important guy. Once they decided to press these charges weeks later, they tried to delete their morning-after twitters which made absolutely no mention of broken condoms or any other type of difficulty. Fortunately, their attempts at coverup failed and have been recovered. You would think the Swedish prosecutors would be paying attention. But noooooooo.

    Another point is that Assage, almost 40 years old, has no prior record of any sex offenses anywhere in the world. If there were, they would have been marched out in headlines months ago. While there is always a possibility that anyone can start of life of sex crimes at 40, it is highly unlikely.

  10. How these undoubtedly bought and paid for allegations can be seriously considered for prosecution is unbelievable. Unless there were audio/video recordings what evidence could there be other than "he said, she said"? Are either of these women now pregnant? Is Assauge proven to be the father? If not, how can this be anything but totally trumped up?
    One would assume that in Sweden one can't simply take the word of some unhappy ex-lover and file a rape charge, absent any other evidence.
    While I believe this is an orchestrated smear effort, perhaps if it is adjudicated the entire set up will be exposed.

  11. Interpol, the investigative arm of the International Criminal Court at The Hague, has issued a fugitive notice for Assange. He's wanted in Sweden for questioning in two alleged sexual assaults, one of which seems to boil down to a charge of unsafe sex and failure to phone his date the following day.

    This prime accuser, Anna Ardin has, according to Israel Shamir, writing on this CounterPunch site, "ties to the US-financed anti-Castro and anti-communist groups. She published her anti-Castro diatribes in the Swedish-language publication Revista de Asignaturas Cubanas put out by Misceláneas de Cuba…Note that Ardin was deported from Cuba for subversive activities."
    It's certainly not conspiracism to suspect that the CIA has been at work in fomenting these Swedish accusations. As Shamir reports, "The moment Julian sought the protection of Swedish media law, the CIA immediately threatened to discontinue intelligence sharing with SEPO, the Swedish Secret Service."

  12. If the rape charges stand in a court of law than he should be punished.

    Unfortunately the American media is going to tar and feather Mr. Assange even if he turns out to be innocent. Whether or not he will be given a fair hearing, and not extradited elsewhere for his Wikileaks activities, is the real issue.

    Whatever eventually happens to Mr. Assange, as it relates to his role in Wikileaks, will set a lasting precedent for US law and the 1st Amendment. This is truly a historical moment.

  13. has our government now become an organization that doesn't write things down, doesn't talk on the phone, and meets in the parking lot behind Lenny's Strip Club in order to plot its nefarious activities in a way that Wikileaks can't expose them.

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