Launches WikiLeaks Mirror Finder

The following release was sent out this morning:

On Thursday, launched, a new site designed to direct any user to the best WikiLeaks mirror site in his or her area.

“Since the shutdown of the main site, thousands of mirror sites have been established to maintain access to the important documents that WikiLeaks has made available,” said founder Eric Garris. “However, each mirror is run separately, and may not always be accessible or up-to-date. This sporadic availability forces users to click on multiple mirror links until they find one that is current. Our new site, solves all of that by eliminating the guesswork.”

Users wishing to review the leaked documents first-hand are encouraged to try In one step, they will be automatically redirected to the best mirror for their ISP and area.

“As the US government continues to escalate its efforts to shut down WikiLeaks in spite of the fact that it has been unable to identify any actual laws that may have been broken by the organization, such efforts will continue to be thwarted by WikiLeaks supporters who value it as an important journalistic resource,” said Garris.

“WikiLeaks is presenting an important service to the public by revealing the damning truth behind the US government’s foreign policies. It is essential to keep this information flowing and available to Americans and the rest of the world.” is a non-profit, non-partisan news and opinion site dedicated to the cause of non-intervention. To learn more or to donate, please visit

15 thoughts on “ Launches WikiLeaks Mirror Finder”

  1. WikiLeak too much Change for Obama?
    Know It's roller coaster, still xx harder for totalitarian states.

    We NEED transparency for our global society that we created an cannot control. To many crises. We'd never gone to Iraq if we read the cables first?

    How can a few wise leaders alone solve complex global issues pending ?
    People need to be involved/need same info on these complex issues to let our global society decide & survive.

    If democracy fails, the only solution is More democracy.
    E-vote(power), not E-commerce(money) that changes our world!
    so think ..our 200 y old democracy, then we beat china!

  2. Angela, Eric

    How much have you spent of the donations to you’ve received a few weeks ago on these two press releases thus far?

    I understand they’re not free.

    Would you consider it a good use of the limited funds to throw away supporters’ money like that? You’re supposed to be using it to run the site.

    Not amused,


  3. Yeah and HUZZAH! Well done Ms. Angela and Mr. Eric. Once again, is at the cutting edge of freedom and liberty. Well and, journalism that is sorely lacking in the US anyway.
    War is NOT fought on the cheap nor is the defense of our liberty to be had on the cheap. While I still maintain that there is something not quite right about Julian Assange, what Assange and Wikileaks has done is to be championed. Especially considering how mainstream establishment is crapping their collective panties.
    Dec. 7, 2010- the day that shall live in cyber-infamy!
    Ummm and so, why did the freaking Brits deny bail to Julian Assange BUT the dummies can grant bail to a murder suspect? As Mr. Raimondo is wont to say, we are TRULY living in bizarro world.

  4. "Do you think it is a good use of supporters' funds to throw at these releases? You were given the money to run the site."

    I certainly applaud this use of what is presumably anyway a tiny part of their funds.

    I do not see that anyone who supports's broad objectives can possibly not regard supporting Wikileaks as being precisely in line with them, and also as being both urgent and necessary.

    Wikileaks' goal is to make the world a leakier place and therefore one in which smaller, less conspiratorial and more honest and open organisations have a better chance against bigger, more criminal and therefore more conspiratorial organisations (who will have to expend more effort in protecting their communications and will therefore have less effective internal communications). In other words, Wikileaks' aim is targeted directly at the heart of the organisations which promote war.

    Furthermore, if the welfare/warfare establishment can drive Wikileaks off the net, the next in line will be the likes of

    Give 'em hell, Angela and Eric!

    1. Randal, given that Angela and Eric have deleted my inconvenient question that was posed to them, do you honestly think they are any better than those private companies who are trying to silence Wikileaks?

      If they would censor an innocent though awkward question asked to find out where our money is going, then why do you realy think the world they espouse to be truly any better than the bastards who are trying to shut down Wikileaks?

      Methinks if they had as much power as cowards who run the fed, they would just as corrupt and void of transparency as those they currently denounce. As the saying goes, power corrupts…

      If they have is much disregard for their readers and contributers then I will not be donating come next cycle.


      1. Power corrupts, very true, USA is the best example of the greatest Revolution in human history turn into worst nightmare for humanity.

      2. I support Amazon's wikimirror and their announcing it; but consider their removing your post misguided and hypocritical.
        Its is not , however, "on a par" with trying to silence Wikileaks. , Antiwar can justifiably claim editorial control over comments to their own blog,

  5. So far I've been able to access WL at any time by going to the IP address (I even have it bookmarked now). But anything to keep WL going is great. Glad to see following's lead.

    As Allied forces liked to say during WW2, "Confusion to the enemy."

  6. “John” is either a troll or terminally muddled and should be banned from the site. You don’t want to slide down a slippery slope but nobody needs to hear from someone who thinks that press releases cost money or that the site shouldn’t be supportive of Wikileaks or whatever he was ranting. I’m all for diversity of opinion but he needs to be with his own screeching kind.

  7. We NEED transparency for our global society to survive.
    To many crises, our steering mechanism/leadership cannot switch fast enough.
    We'd never gone to Iraq if we read the cables first?
    How can a few wise leaders understand complex global issues and explain why to ?
    China outcompetes us. Small bad countries drain our resourses.
    We can redesign our economies and win.
    If democracy fails, the only solution is More democracy.
    WL to much Change for Obama?
    Believe your core values, xx harder for our totalitarian enemies.

    People need to be involved/need same info.
    It's your Duty to spread your thoughts.
    just lazy vote, won't save your world this time.
    Tech changes the world and WWW is the biggest change ever.

    DAMAGE cyber WW3 result: 500k hurt diplomats worldwide,
    final 200 nations restuctured. Left is only 1 global transparent free society survives ….. never thought WW3 as a joke. Yeah all wars are surprises.
    The only way is UP.
    greets from citzen WL232.
    read my book!

  8. It is unacceptable in our Democratic Society that there should be restraint on the publication of information relating to Government, when the only vice of that information is that it enables the public to discuss, review and criticise Government actions. The only right the U.S. Administration in Washington has, is to protect its copyright. It can only be a crime if someone takes material without authorisation from a military computer system. Wikileaks is a recipient of information only. The mainstream press around the globe has published a great deal of information, and what they are doing as a matter of law is any different to what Wikileaks itself has done. The Americans must explain to the peoples of the world what course of ''Legal'' action, under the Government of the United States of America would have,, apart from the Law of Copyright…. It is pitiful that the United States State Department in Washington will host UNESCO"s World Press Freedom Day next May 2011. For leading politicians of the United States Government to call for the assassination of a Australian citizen is, in itself inciting murder.

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