No, Assange Still Very Much Hoist by the State’s Petard

A few bits on the Assange “smear” leak:

1) Getting into even more (quite boring) alleged details of the incidents does not negate the accepted fact that these women continued to gushingly pal around with Assange quite a bit after the “rapes.” As pointed out by Assange, and as not challenged by “Miss A,” the WikiLeaks founder continued to sleep in her bed for another week. Stockholm syndrome? (lol)

2) It’s clear this was engineered by the United States as no Swede would think such intimate details as scandalous and fatally damaging as dowdy Americans. “We’ll embarrass him good,” some Mormon covert-ops button-up no doubt chuckled as he unleashed this ho-hum operation. “Look, it mentions his penis!”

3) And most importantly to demolish, Assange is not now, in any way, hoist by his own petard, thank you very much apparently-recently-re-resurrected neoconservative New York Sun. WikiLeaks exists to expose the misdeeds of those in power, the nearly invincible elites. Court charges are kept secret so that accused and assumed innocent individuals — almost the embodiment of those with the least power – get a fair hearing in a system run by the very power elites targeted by WikiLeaks. I have a feeling Glenn Greenwald will go into detail on this very subject in the coming week.