Scott Horton on War (video)

Scott Horton addressed last week’s Freedom Summit in Phoenix, Arizona on “The Case Against the Case for War with Iran.” He is introduced by Charles Goyette.

6 thoughts on “Scott Horton on War (video)”

  1. I am not clear of the occasion that brought Scott to speak but I sure thank them for it. Scott, your presentation was just great.Most of the information has been around for some time if one had the time and interest to source it out but in the presentation, as you gave, it was woven together and enhanced by your zeal.May your words permeate the public's attention. Thanks and well done.

  2. Great speech. It shows the extent to which the USG goes to KEEP FEAR ALIVE by creating imaginary threats to prosecute all for the purpose of KEEPING FEAR ALIVE for the mindlessness, cowardly American population of narcissistic, consumerist, gluttons who are instilled to be mindlessness by the government, businesses, pretend christians[biblical harlots] which institutionalizes mindlessness thereby giving it legitimacy and creating peer pressure for mindlessness.

  3. Yes, yes a truly excellent speech! It was just so complete and well covered that I find nothing to comment on. Many thanks Scott.

  4. An excellent talk by Scott, but didn't really need to be video. An mp3 would be more convenient.

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