Obama’s Christmas Future

from the Ottawa Citizen

6 thoughts on “Obama’s Christmas Future”

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  2. The excuses will never end because he knows some of his followers are impervious to that "crawling feeling" that appears when one smells a rat.

  3. Mr. B? Ummm, the ghost of 'Obama's Christmas Future' would be an additional 2 or 3 thousand pairs of empty boots, wouldn't it? Okay well, that should read "ghosts." Sorry.
    Nonetheless, that's a great editorial toon.
    Merry Christmas to you and yours Mr. Bovard. Seriously.

  4. If thats supposed to be satire, it calbibrates just jow base the US has sunk. Putting aside the question of where are all the Afghans and Pakistani victims are buried, what is this notion of "exuses" for a war? You have "excuses" for minor misdemenours, not for crimes; and certainly not for warcrimes,. This sorry excuse for a "humourist" needs to get a grip.

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