Bradley Manning Visitor Confirms Mistreatment

David House, a friend of Bradley Manning, was allowed to visit him at the brig where he is currently imprisoned. He basically confirmed the mistreatment that has been outlined by Glenn Greenwald and others:

— Solitary confinement in a small cell 23 hours a day
— No sleeping allowed from 5am to 11pm (5am wake-up)
— No exercise allowed in cell (allowed to walk in chains one hour a day)
— No personal items in cell

House described a “remarkable decline in his psychological state and physical well-being.” He also said the Pentagon is not telling the truth about his conditions. House recently wrote an article describing the visit.

Watch the interview on MSNBC:

21 thoughts on “Bradley Manning Visitor Confirms Mistreatment”

  1. Wait so can't he do push ups and crunches in his cell? Is that "illegal"?

    I've heard that his parents gave him books to read. Not having personal items in his cell means that he can't read them?

  2. The real story? Wiki was controlled and used by Israel to attack it's enemies and further embarass and manipulate their American puppets into further action..and you all fell or it..hook-line-and sinker..

  3. Really? Don't believe it? Or you just don't want anyone else to believe it? Go to and the GWOT is BS…9-11 was a Mossad/Mossad asset/rogue CIA false flag…just like Pakistani General Amid Gul sd " Mossad and their American associates" and former Pres. of Italy Francisco Cossiga…and Dr Alan Ned Sabrosky of the US Army War college…

  4. Scott Creighton over at and also pointed out today how Assanges promise to reveal some of the despicable things about Israel "in 6 months" gives the Zio-Nazis in congress and their goy lapdogs just enough time to rev-up the idea that the internet is another existential threat to poooor defenseless, peace-seeking Israel and must be shut down some…good job Julian..Was that your lawyer's idea ( the same one that runs the Rothschild's estate in the UK )?

  5. Instead of listening to gatekeepers just read the goddamn interview gave to Al-Jazeera!! He openly talks about how Wiki got US govt funding but that it was shut down " after the Iraqi video " showing us blowing away unarmed civilians and children in a van…He acknowledges holding back info on Israel and blames it on media filtering…the info is in his possession, he can do with it as he likes..why would he hold back info on Israel while immediately publishing misleading info on all of Israel's enemies?

  6. Answer the damn question…some of you don't have answers and just don't like the inconvenient busy are you to lionize this creature of this Mossad/CIA psyop….Read the interview Assange gives to Al-Jazeera…he admits recieving govt funding! He admits holding back info on Israel's genocide in Gaza and their war crimes in Lebanon….purposely bombing apt bldgs in s. Beirut…power plants, highways….dropping white phosphorous on families in Gaza, killing civilians in cold blood….

  7. If it's on the news for more than 90 seconds it's a fraud…just like Jerome Hauer and Ehud Barak's comments on the morning of 9-11..

  8. I've read that Manning has to sleep every night with a "coarse" blanket. it's not soft and fluffy like his comforter back home. The prison blanket is even giving him a bit of a rash.

    Defenders of Manning should demand that he get more comfortable living arrangements in his cell, including a fluffier and softer blanket.

    Not having a good blankie is a gross violation of his human rights.

  9. Wiki did a good job with the GMO Monsanto revelations, the quote fm the US Amb to Frnce, etc…could be the Zionists way of saying, "do what we want ( bomb Iran ) or "American" business will suffer"… "hijackers" who trained at Brooks AFB, NAS Pensacola…Gunther AFB…interesting..gee, do you think maybe these whiskey swilling, titty bar hoppin' "terrorists" thought they were part of the war games that of which was the "simulated hijacking of 11 passenger aircraft.." ?

  10. And those four transponders that got turned off? It takes multiple classified access codes to do that..

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