Scott Horton and The Market for War

Antiwar Radio host Scott Horton will be speaking on The Market for War at 5:00pm Pacific, Tuesday, January 25th at Cossentine Hall, La Sierra University as part of the Koch Foundation Liberating Markets lecture series.

The La Sierra University campus is located at 4500 Riverwalk Parkway, Riverside, CA 92515-8247. Call Angela Keaton at 323-512-7095 for details. Much gratitude to Professor Gary Chartier, Associate Dean of the La Sierra University School of Business for hosting this event.

5 thoughts on “Scott Horton and The Market for War”

  1. I know this sounds patronizing but I’ve been really impressed with how he’s transitioned from the early chats with his High School teacher to today’s font o’ knowledge.

    At some point I’m going to engineer a few drinkies with this guy.

  2. Bold choice Koch Foundation, glad to see you are not shying away from inviting speakers from

  3. Enlightening the way in which feel when considering Scott Horton and The Market for War Blog. brbr The one thing that I may possibly point out is whenever you are going to do it this way you will want to be ready to carry out the trouble. brbr You know this isn’t going to be typical as people are incredibly casual these days.

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