Gallery of Failed ‘Experts’: Ambassador Marc Ginsberg

It’s amazing how many “expert” know-it-alls, the kind who populate cable tv-land, were not only dead wrong about the outcome of the Egyptian events, but had an ideological axe to grind in objectively supporting a loathesome dictator. Take, for example, Marc Ginsberg, former US ambassador to Morocco – one of the most repressive regimes in the Arab world — and a devoted AIPAC activist who never fails to uphold whatever political line the Israeli government is pushing, albeit gently chiding the radical Likudniks for pushing too hard.  He regularly holds forth on the Huffington Post, naturally enough, where, in the wake of the Tunisian revolution, he had this to say:

“It is woefully premature to pop the champagne corks extolling the eventual certitude of democratic revolution in the Arab world as if Tunisia were a Hungary, a Poland or a Romania and setting the Arab world dominoes in motion. What happened in Tunisia most likely will stay in Tunisia; it was not a revolution as much as a palace coup.”

So much for Ginsberg, the alleged “expert” who has been appearing regularly on Chris Matthews’ MSNBC program to “interpret” the Egyptian events. Aside from being wrong about the big question, however, he is weirdly wrong-headed in other ways. For example, in the Huffington piece he jumps on Al Jazeera as some sinister force:

“ Using events in Tunisia to fuel its favorite political pastime of disgorging its anti-authoritarian editorial bias across all of its media platforms — much to the anger and hostility of most Arab rulers, particularly those Al Jazeera views as too pro-western.”

“Anti-authoritarian editorial bias”? As former ambassador to the corrupt and craven “King” of Morrocco, Ginsberg, perhaps, has a pro-authoritarian bias. Certainly we’ve never heard a word out of his mouth about the repression and brazen corruption in Morocco, as revealed by Wikileaks — which, as ambassador, he must have known about.

We all have our biases, but there is some slimey about Ginsberg’s. Al Jazeera proved its mettle from the beginning, and soon became the main source of information about what was happening on the ground in Egypt. While the rest of us look at Al Jazeera’s continuous coverage of the Egyptian uprising — undertaken at great risk to their reporters — with open-mouthed admiration, Ginsberg sourly averred:

“Stoking anger and hostility has become Al Jazeera’s mantra, and its producers have taken to heart the axiom ‘if it bleeds it leads’ to such a degree that baton-swinging policeman [sic] clubbing Tunisian demonstrators literally took up the entire first ten minutes of one news broadcast as the emotional reporter cried into his microphone about the unjustness of Arab autocrats.”

In Ginsberg’s world, one is supposed to politely avert one’s eyes if the scene  involves the shedding of Arab blood, especially Arab blood spilled by “pro-Western” despots (and, of course, Israelis).

What I want to know is this: how does Ginsberg get to blog on the supposedly oh-so-“progressive” Huffington Post and pontificate on MSNBC, with Chris Matthews deferring to his “expertise”? Aside from having been another one of those “experts’ who got it wrong, he’s a hater and a creep.

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  1. Ginsberg is an Israeli agent. Every word he post at Huffington Post is a regurgitation of AIPAC/Likud talking points.

  2. As you point out, Raimondo, Ginsberg is "a hater and a creep". More specifically, he is a Zionist.

  3. Great report. If Huffington post is progressive it’s no wonder that progressives are an abject failure. As for the MSM. CNN reciters Lawrence Korb and Laura Conley just recited the Pentagon’s propaganda about it’s supposed budget decreases of $78 billion. The $78 billion is a decrease in future increases, not actual deductions.

  4. I thought that Sibel Edmonds had taken him all the way down a couple of years ago. Instead of suing her for libel (because he would lose if he had to prove her wrong) he just ignores her and carries right along, and people still listen to him. Amazing! Poor Sibel should change her name to Cassandra.

  5. Wrong to Raimondo (and the rational world) may be right to somebody else.

    The point is to keep the pot stirring because that is what keeps one trillion dollars a year going into "defence".

    Arab dictators keep revolution in mind among the people and that stirs fears. Naturally, in the post cold war era it was the tyrants in the mid-east who were responsible for all the anger in the "street".
    So why were we supporting them ? Because they send their armies to Washington for training and to purchase arms.

    So what happens when they are gone? Anybody notice how the only thing anybody in the media seems capable of talking about is the Moslem brotherhood?

    Watch as the media slowly builds yet another Islamic movement into a powerhouse – thereby setting the stage for more defence spending as the fear of Islam-ism spurs Joe Taxpayer to open his wallet.

    One wonders if the people of Iran will ever wake up to the fact that their regime is the best freind that $1 trillion dollars of USA defence spending ever had.

  6. Ginsberg is an idiot and a war monger like all the rest of his Republican colleagues.

  7. Ginsberg is an Israeli shill. Always has been. Plus he knows zilch about security, which he seems to write about now. Plus, his tenure as Ambassador to Morrocco was wretched.

  8. He was appointed Ambassador by Clinton. I can't figure out why he appears as an "expert" on anything on MSNBC. This is a guy who is playing way over his head

  9. I thought that Sibel Edmonds had taken him all the way down a couple of years ago. Instead of suing her for libel (because he would lose if he had to prove her wrong) he just ignores her and carries right along, and people still listen to him. Amazing! Poor Sibel should change her name to Cassandra.

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  11. Ginsberg is a Zionist who must think nothing of stealing property and shooting anyone who objects, pure ZioThink.

  12. You sure have biases. I am Moroccans, and your statement’s are wrong and totally disrespectful.

    Also, you basically want to end war by peeing on other country? Good luck.

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