Prosecution of Ray McGovern is Dropped

Statement from the Partnership for Civil Justice Fund

The charges against Ray McGovern have been dropped and the government has decided not to proceed with its prosecution. Mr. McGovern, age 71, was subjected to an outrageous and abusive arrest, which left him bruised and bleeding. He had been standing silently with his back turned to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton when she delivered her address on Feb. 15 at George Washington University, in which she insisted other governments around the world not stifle free expression.

McGovern was an Army officer and CIA analyst for almost 30 years. He was among the first to expose the corruption of intelligence to “justify” the ongoing wars. He was wearing a Veterans for Peace T-shirt at the time of his arrest.

“The Constitution lives. I am hugely grateful for the widespread condemnation of the brutal treatment I encountered two weeks ago for exercising my First Amendment rights. It strikes me as an empowering example of what we can do together in standing for Justice and against the violence of war. If Defense Secretary Robert Gates is spared arrest when he acknowledges the folly of committing U.S. troops to a land war in Asia, we too should be spared arrest and brutality at the hands of those for whom the Constitution is merely a piece of paper,” stated Mr. McGovern.

“This outrageous arrest laid bare the hypocrisy of Clinton’s presentation about free speech and free expression. While lecturing other governments, she never even paused while Mr. McGovern was brutally hauled out right in front of her and arrested while peacefully and silently expressing dissent,” stated Mara Verheyden-Hilliard, one of Mr. McGovern’s attorneys at the Partnership for Civil Justice Fund, which is representing Mr. McGovern.

Since Ray McGovern’s arrest, there has been a huge outpouring of support from people of conscience all over the country and widespread coverage in the alternative media in defense of free speech rights.

Mr. McGovern and his attorneys at the Partnership for Civil Justice Fund are evaluating his next legal options.

21 thoughts on “Prosecution of Ray McGovern is Dropped”

  1. Could Mr. McGovern sue the Madam SecState Schoolmarm for being a lying warmongering servant of hypocrisy?

    1. No, but he would seem to have a strong case for holding her liable for the injuries he sustained during his arrest (the goons who attacked Ray were, after all, part of her security detail). But even on the VERY REMOTE chance that his suit succeeded, any compensation paid to him would be ultimately disbursed from funds purloined from taxpayers. Only if Hitlery Rotten Clinton were to be forced to make restitution out of her own personal funds would justice be served. Unfortunately, since she and her equally reprehensible husband have been on the public dole all of their adult lives, any such money would also have been stolen money.

      1. I like that "Hitlery Rotten Clinton."

        The Pantsuited One is a power-lusting, corrupt, bought-and-paid-for bitch.

    2. I don't know why you refer to her as "Madam", when she's clearly just another one of the whores.

      1. Hi Advocate4Liberty:
        Please excuse my being snide. Clinton brings that out in me. Sorry. Please see-

        madam |?mad?m|
        • a woman who runs a brothel.

  2. This episode should serve as a signal lesson – in microcosm – to those who think that the 'law' is a constraint on the parasitic shitbags who live in palaces at our expense and slaughter our less-fortunate fellow-humans for their sport.

    Here's how it runs: if you agitate against the parasite class and your agitation is successful, they will bring the boot down on your life – regardless of the legal niceties… they rely on the fact they they pay the 'judges' and that the system is prohibitively expensive (and the tax-payer funded options are appallingly under-resourced).

    If you have sufficient resources (or a sufficiently high profile) to seek redress through the 'justice' system, you will be starting from a position where your sphincter has already been reamed to the diameter of a large ham. And it's only half over at that stage; basically they will keep you in the 'process' until you give up, go broke, or die.

    As we are seeing across the globe now, the political class are ALL cut from the same cloth as Gaddafi (arguably he was – like Saddam Hussein – a reasonably decent leader until his country was targeted for crippling by the US… but as the quote goes, even if he meant to rule well he still meant to rule).

    The credo of the political-parasite class is this: "Either we rule you, or we kill you. You obey us, or you die."

    If you think that's being a tad alarmist, try the following thought experiment (take it through to the end). imagine that you refuse to pay your taxes, then you ignore them when they 'summons' you to appear in their mediaeval set-piece… then you refuse to be deprived of your physical liberty when they send their armed goons to force you to appear before their robed crony by force. Imagine you refuse to be ruled, in other words.

    Unless there comes a point at which you submit (like a good slave) they will fucking kill you stone motherfucking dead; not for terrorism or hate crimes or drunk-driving, but for refusing to obey. Cain't ha' no uppity niggers up in this bitch.

    This is why we must cull these scum until they back off. They will set the world ablaze otherwise.



    Oh, and PS. In case anyone thinks that the bit about tax-funded legal representation being sub-standard was an implicit argument that it ought to be better funded… not a bit of it: I fully support the idea that those who 'throw themselves upon the parish' OUGHT to expect the bare minimum, since those who pay a premium for private services should GET a premium. In point of fact, I would de-fund the entire public advocacy system (since it's worse than useless anyway) as part of dismantling the entire false 'justice' system.

  3. Well- a whole audience of people who sat there and watched a 71 year old man get beaten and hauled away discovered that they are cowards.

  4. There is no rule of law in America. The charges were dropped, so what? They still brutalized a man for expressing an opinion and they got away with it.

    1. Authorities couldn't care less about the "lawS" which are made by them to benefit them and the ruling elites.
      By terrorizing 71 years young Patriot and Hero they scared the living daylights and silenced millions of Americans who share Mr. McGovern's views. Mission Accomplished as the former Terrorist in Chief would say.

  5. If it was my talk and he was just standing there with the disagreeable shirt on, I would have told him to stay there. If he can disagree without interrupting my talk, I can talk without interrupting his disgreement. We have freedom of speech in this country.

    1. And what country would that be? You're obviously not living in America if you're making that last statement seriously.

  6. Of course the charges were dropped, cant have the Judiciary even getting a whiff at the Unconstitutional activities of the Government, you might actually find a Judge with the intestinal fortitude to actually do something about it.

    OOOPs sorry i went into a sudden delusional state at the end there..

  7. And now McGovern comes back with charges of assault on the security guys and names HRC in the complaint? Since we have clear video and audio evidence of what went down, to use a discredited term, it should be a slam-dunk. I'd like to see Hillary wiggle and squirm and shimmy for a change- and not in a good way.

  8. I'm sure Hitlery Rotten Clinton and her gang will come up with some lie, like they always do, to justify their action. I can see it now.. "we were informed by the Secret Service someone in the audience had a gun".

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