Ron Paul: a ‘No-Fly Zone’ Is an Act of War

Rep. Ron Paul on the House floor today:

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  1. An American politician that speaks the truth!

    The world would be better off if Ron Paul is president.

  2. Rob Paul is a good man to have in congress and it’s just too bad that even though Paul and liberals who are antiwar have something important in common that some of those liberals wouldn’t vote for Paul because he isn’t a democrat. I hate tribalism, Ron Paul has integrity, something Obama knows absolutely nothing about.

    These wars are ruining the country, we are actually going backwards while the rest of the world is moving on to something better. We are mired in blood and guts, the past, and a stupendously stupid macho mindlessness that trades the well being of everyone involved for endless war driven by political need, Israel’s ridiculous government, and the military-industrial-complex.

    So when someone who actually speaks with intelligence comes along like Paul too many liberals dismiss him when he is a valuable ally. Compare what Paul says to any number of politicians on either side of the isle and they will sound like delusional idiots by comparison. We are led by morons!

  3. I totally agree and I'm a canadian.Ron Paul needs to be the next pesident the first real one since JFK.

  4. I've tried and tried to convince those on liberal sites that Ron Paul is the only viable candidate to run against Obama in 2012. I always get the same two responses: "He's a racist!" or "His economic policies are crazy!" Of course, they always play the race card when they don't want to seriously discuss the possibility of supporting Ron Paul, and "crazy" is always their knee-jerk response to Paul's ideas on the economy.
    I've decided to hope Paul will run, caucus with him in the primaries, volunteer my support, and then hope like hell we'll have a real choice in 2012: Obama versus Paul. Many, many liberals are saying they won't vote for Obama. If Ron Paul was the Republican candidate, I think many would vote for him, because they are finally seeing Obama for what he is: a corporate puppet who sold out his country for greed and power.

  5. Too bad, that most of you wanting to vote for Ron Paul in the Presidential election in 2012 didn’t so in 1988, when he actually ran. Had he been supported better then, we might have gone on to have saved this country. You can forget it now – Paul is too old, and America is too broke, too authoritarian, too corrupt, and too militaristic to change. Also I wish we would drop the old “liberal-conservative” scenario. We are run by different coalitions now – authoritarians like Obama and Hillary Clinton, absolute morons like Peter King and James Inhofe, and a lots of petty, corrupt “ham-and-eggers” come to Washington to serve the MIC, Israeli interests and corporate thieves (anyone with a bag of cash to give them).

  6. As per Zionist-Neocon William Kristol – "We are the new Rome; more powerful than the old Rome" – thus, the Zionist-Neocons would have the US at endless war – which is what eventually caused the end of the 'old Roman empire'.
    Ron Paul is just about the ONLY member of our corrupt cowardly Congress who speaks the truth.
    Obama is indeed a 'puppet' of George Soros and Corporate America which profits from endless wars.
    The 'old Rome' is merely dust on the pages of History – which is where we are headed IF we do not change directions and put an end to a policy of endless wars.
    McCain, Kerry, Lieberman all pushing for war with Libya – shows what insane idiots we have in our Congress.

  7. It may be an 'act of war' as he says, bust then what about when corporations get sweetheart deals with bribes and other things from tyrants who then turn around and furnish themselves with weapons and mercenary armies to protect themselves from the very people whose resources have been stolen ? How can ordinary people with no means protect and defend themselves from these billionaire dictators and their multinational corporate allies ? Who will represent the people ? Apparently the UN only represents the dictators and their Swiss bank accts ?

  8. SImply,You sold Qathafi rockets..u get red of IT…75% of un armed lebyian do not want him ruling

    Indeed america is an evil(gun-cc-drugs-theft-toobigtofailblackwaterz) cashNOW empire

  9. Ron Paul has this one WRONG. The two wars the US is currently engaged in are wars of aggression – for oil or whatever.

    Paul is telling me that if he witnessed a mugging, and the victim was calling for help, that the victim should be ignored.

    If he could go back in time, ergo, he would have told the French NOT to support the American Revolution, and the Founders, who wrote the Constitution Paul constantly refers to, would have lost. Repeat: If the Americans hadn't had the aid of France, the American revolution would have been lost.

    Here's a "solution": pull the troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan and support the freedom fighters of Libya with ant-tank and anti-aircraft weapons, as we did the Mujahedin – and no boots on the ground.

    1. DeanB

      You are forgetting that the rebels don’t want our help or anyone else’s which rather lets the air out of your mugging theory. By the way that is the same excuse I heard from many people in the first Gulf War under George H.W., your mugging analogy. It wasn’t very good then and it doesn’t hold water now.

      As for the American Revolution this country doesn’t belong to us, it belongs to somebody else and we stole it from them while conducting genocide.

      As for your solution, it really didn’t work out so well considering that’s how we got al Qaida in the first place. Your solution is one of violence, therefore it is worthless and only plays into the hands of the warmongers and the imperialists who are trying to figure out how to get their hooks into Libya.

      1. "You are forgetting that the rebels don’t want our help,,,"

        Most of the interviewees I've observed have asked for assistance against air attack. What they don't want is boots on the ground.

  10. Yes but that assistance will lead to boots on the ground. You've seen how the Pentagon loves to escalate everything which they do to justify their existances and promote themselves and that is exactly what will happen if we interfere. Vietnam started out with American advisors which became a full fledged war. Also I am not at all sure that Obama wants Gaddaffi gone, up till now Gaddaffy has been our pet dog willing to roll over and chase sticks for us and he has been a faithful servent, one that Obama and crew will be sorry to lose.

    1. The last time Gaddaffi got "uppity" some cruise missiles were sent his way and he got the message – with no boots on the ground.

      Opining about what "could" happen is conjecture and hypothetical.

      If boots on the ground is the issue, have the advisors where shoes. :)

      1. Yes and it would be terrible for us to think ahead as in conjecture and hypothetical. Predicting what an apple would do if you dropped it would be conjecture as well, so is predicting the sun coming up in the morning. And it is so terrible when the sand niggers get uppity isn't it? All we need do is drop a few cruise missiles on them, what genius!

  11. The usual handwringing and dithering is all our leaders are capable of (unless it's time to lower Corporate Tax levels of course – those come in at midnight the day they are announced).
    Meanwhile ordinary people are slaughtered.

    The West will not move until the rebels are all but wiped out – the West does NOT want democracy spreading in the Middle East and it absolutely does not want the people there getting the idea that the profits from oil sales might go the people of the country where the oil was found. These ideas cannot be allowed to grow.
    So, dithering and hesitation is the order of the day as they pretend it's "difficult" to get anything done. Corporate profits must be protected at any cost, including at the cost of democracy in the Middle East and if a few thousand people are murdered then that's good too as it sends a healthy message to others with the same idea.

  12. Just because they are rebelling against a corrupt tyrant doesn't necessarily make these "rebels" good ol' democracy-lovin' pro-American good guys. There was a report today that US military intelligence found that Libyans from the the same Benghazi-based, eastern rebel tribes we now want to help with a NFZ were the largest contingent of foreign Al-Qaida volunteers who came to Iraq to kill Americans. If you know who these "rebels" are and their attitude toward the US, then you are far ahead of the DCI. I suspect the minute Qaddafi's gone most of them would turn on us in a heartbeat.
    Stay out of this civil war between worst and worse.

    1. Good point. Americans like things simple – good/evil, goodguys/badguys. The TRUTH is it is much more complicated then that.

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