State Dept Spokesman Out After Slamming Mistreatment of Bradley Manning

State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley abruptly “resigned” today.

Michael van Poppel at BNO News noted on Twitter after the story broke, “Crowley released a statement on Yemen just 2 hours ago. Seems really abrupt.”

CNN reports that Crowley came under pressure from the White House to quit after making comments about the Pentagon’s treatment of Army private Bradley Manning, who is suspected of leaking documents to WikiLeaks.

Crowley, speaking at an MIT seminar in Boston, Assistant Secretary of State For Public Affairs P.J. Crowley said Manning is being “mistreated” in the military brig at Quantico, Virginia. “What is being done to Bradley Manning is ridiculous and counterproductive and stupid on the part of the department of defense,” he said.

It is great when government officials make these kinds of “gaffes.” It’s unfortunate that he didn’t get to stay awhile.

17 thoughts on “State Dept Spokesman Out After Slamming Mistreatment of Bradley Manning”

  1. How piquant. The most telling and credible comment this man has made all year and he's getting sacked for making it.

  2. I think Crowley may have wanted out, and that this is this is the way he choose to go about it.

    If so, he did it by bringing attention to the treatment of Bradley Manning, and, for that, he deserves credit.

    1. Maybe you're right. Crowley might have gotten sick and tired of lying for The Pantsuited One, and decided to bail out.

  3. A shill for the regime finds a conscience and gets fired for exposing it. Not at all surprising.

  4. Obama never prosecuted Bush administration criminals because he intended to commit the same crimes.

  5. More bad publicity for the US government and all the more plainly can the world see when they take the mask off and expose themselves as just another repressive police state. Keep it coming and soon they will realize in Europe, in Australia and all over that the US government are not the good guys they keep portraying themselves to be.

  6. And the me generations of flag wavers keep on going as if nothing is wrong. What could the government get away with before it faced overwhelming public disapproval? Not that it would matter much today. The President could just do what Qaddafi did.

  7. Granted, it's a long shot, at best, but consider IF someone like Palin, or gods forbid, Bachmann managed to become president…I would not want to wager on this so-called "professional courtesy", not one bit. Because you know the "base" would want to set an example for all those up-and-coming "different people" that they should not forget their places.

  8. It's unfortunate that it's taken soooo long for Mr. Crowley to find a conscience. Col. Crowley should have exhibited his spine for the truth long ago and refused to shill for Clinton and Obama. Though it is commendable that he has spoken truth against power, it is a shame he facilitated the on-going expansion of empire and the subjugation of truth.

  9. Everyone nows the government is evil people meaning all the citizens of the us need to tell it like it is so that they have no choice but to listen.Or kill everyone and have no country.We are going down the same road that will sooner or later make the US look like the old Gremany.

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