Ron Paul: Time to Get Out of Afghanistan

Ron Paul spoke before the House of Representatives today, telling his fellow members that we need to get out of Afghanistan now.

8 thoughts on “Ron Paul: Time to Get Out of Afghanistan”

    1. Indeed. I'd be surprised if more than two members of the House were in attendance to hear Ron's speech – and both were probably asleep.

    2. Far too much money lacing the palms. Disgusting. That and the lack of political risk (concerning the mass murder of brown civilians a world away) and, the all important pet projects back home.

      1. IN private business, you couldn't get a board of directors to back a scheme like this. Just Money wise alone it doesn't make sense.

  1. Let's see – we have ONE member of the Congress who appears to have some intelligence and sense (Ron Paul) and we have 534 members of Congress who are idiots and morons, crooks and thieves, TRAITORS to America, even some perverts – NOT much chance for the future of America. Sadly, Ron Paul is whistling in the wind – the other members of Congress and the idiot / moron in the White House are NOT listening to him.

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