Come See Antiwar Leaders This Sunday in DC!

ComeHomeAmerica.US is hosting an event at DC’s Bus Boys and Poets this Sunday.’s very own Kelly Vlahos will be there!

Come have some drinks, pick out a few good reads, and talk with some of today’s leading antiwar voices from across the political spectrum! See you there!

Can Americans of varied political persuasions unify to end war and empire?

Join us to explore the potential of a broad-based anti-war movement linking right and left, libertarian and liberal, progressive and conservatives.


Daniel McCarthy, the editor of the American Conservative
Ralph Nader, consumer advocate
Kelley Vlahos, writer forĀ, FOX News
Kevin Zeese, Come Home America
Moderator, Marc Steiner, WEAA radio and Free Speech TV.

June 19, 2011
7:30 PM
Bus Boys and Poets,
14th and V Streets, NW

2 thoughts on “Come See Antiwar Leaders This Sunday in DC!”

  1. Mr. Glaser? Will there be a webcast for this event? You know, or some manner in which to participate when one can't gits to Babylon-On-The-Potomac. I live a long dang ways from the dark heart of Empire so, maybe a podcast or streaming live or something…

  2. Antiwar Leaders? Really? There is such a thing?? So, are they keeping a low profile so they don't get caught up in one of those Justice Dept "terrorist" sweeps? In the heyday of the 60's antiwar rallies and sit-ins and such the "antiwar" leaders were all out front, with bullhorns in hand LEADING. The antiwar leaders now sit comfortably behind a keyboard protecting their day jobs, writing an article or two a week bemoaning the state of the War State. Gimme a break. There is no organized antiwar movement. There are only a couple people here and there who are even bothered to pay attention to what's being done. That's why these illegal wars were allowed to happen – and continue to happen.

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