John Glaser on Warrant for Gadhafi

Russia Today’s Aloyna interviewed assistant editor John Glaser about the International Criminal Court issuing an arrest warrant for Libya’s leader, Muammar Gadafi.

  • Edward

    I have said it before and I shall say it again. The Arabs need to wake up and deal with these Western Leaders whom are putting bounties on the heads of their leaders. Libya is a sovereign state.The UN had no legal right whatsoever to do what they have done. Sarkozy,Cameron and others need to be hiding for their lives just as Ouaddafi is doing.
    As for those foolish Libyan rebels,do they really think that after they helped fracture and destroy their country that it is going to be handed to them?????.

  • camus10

    not even a fleeting reference

    to ICC inaction on Israeli war criminals and arrest warrants ages overdue while actions continue against Palestinian rights to basic access to water, daily home demolition, cluster bombs in Lebanon, Gaza assaulted daily. All with full US assistance and european complicity

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