Call Script and the Latest on Amendments on the Defense Appropriations Bill

From Just Foreign Policy:

Call Script

1. Call your Representative at 1-888-231-9276.

2. Ask for your Representative by name. If you don’t know who your Representative is, you can find out here.

2. When you reach your Representative’s office, ask to speak to the staff person who handles foreign policy, or ask for the foreign policy staff person by name, if you know it. If this person is not available, leave your message with the person who answered the phone.

3. Tell them: “I urge you to support the Lee amendment to end the war in Afghanistan, the Kucinich-Amash amendment to end the war in Libya, and the Conyers amendment to ban ground troops in Libya.”

4. After you make your call, take a moment to tell us how your call went by leaving a comment on this blog post. You can also report back on Twitter by tweeting us @justfp.

We will be live tweeting during the House debate @justfp and posting updates here.

8 thoughts on “Call Script and the Latest on Amendments on the Defense Appropriations Bill”

  1. LOL, call them, write them you get ignored. Stand in front of them as they walk into their office. All it will cost is a free ride to jail.

    Honestly most of them have a local office. What we should be doing is finding out the dates when they will be at their home offices and bugging the spit out of them. That's what I do but it's easy to dismiss one lone nutter.

    1. Brad, where have YOU been for all theez wars..??? Nice 2C you are more motivated than 99.999999999% of the sheeple…!!! Thanks too…

      1. Unfortunately I served in a few of them, then I got some sense and started protesting. I still do although it's hard without much support. I am a member of Veterans for Peace, so that helps.

  2. I can think of several things, right off the top of my head, to do with my time that would have much more fruitful results than if I were to spend that same time calling or writing my congresscreature. A few of these activities include:

    – Trying to hold conversations with each of my dogs to get a firm grasp of what they each want for their birthdays.

    – Sorting the pebbles that make up the paving gravel in my front yard into their various geological sub-components in order to give my yard more "balance."

    – Yelling at the 70-plus mile-per-hour winds that come out of nowhere and blow across my property, commanding them to quit knocking my laundry off the clothesline, breaking branches off of my trees, and turning over my potted lawn plants.

    – Ordering summer thunderstorms out of the downtown area in the evening while I'm attending an outdoor baseball game in a open stadium.

    – Ordering the summer heat here in southern Arizona to "tone it down a bit."

    I'm sure the rest of the readership can add even more relevant examples to this list. I think I've made the point clear enough already.

    1. Sorry liberranter, but your dogs can't call off the dogs of ooo sooo profitable war….. Better to do SOMETHING to impede the wars, than jus stand there watchin them roll on…. I'm gonna call NOW….!!!

      1. And your call will be answered by a machine or, if you're extremely lucky, a clueless, servile staffer who will reply to anything you say with vague and irrelevant platitudes read from a printed script. If that's your idea of "action," then by all means, go for it. Just don't break down into tears of startled grief when your call, which will no doubt be merely one of hundreds of thousands, has all the effect on your congresscreature of a gnat slamming into a concrete wall.

        Oh, and unlike your (or my) congresscreature, my dogs actually listen to me and respond to my demands.

  3. It's quite easy to be cynical. Some Congressfolk are indeed set in their ways. For instance, it's pretty fruitless for me to call my Warmonger, err, Senator Marco Rubio and ask him to stop US involvement in the Libyan civil war. But there is also little doubt that enough calls to an office can and do make a difference. That is why we are making some (small, but legitimate) headway on Afghanistan. Where there was silence and ambivalence before, they are hearing unhappiness and frustration from their constituents. Is there some partisanship involved? In many cases, yes. But previously, there was nothing to lose for a Republican to support a war, regardless of who was president. I don't think that is the case right now.

    Peace be with you.

    1. It's quite easy to be cynical.

      As George Bernard Shaw so brilliantly put it, "the power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who have not got it."

      I'm terribly sorry that you and most of the rest who posted here aren't so gifted.

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