5 thoughts on “Final Roll Call for Lee-Nadler-Jones Amendment to End Combat in Afghanistan”

  1. I appreciate this, Angela. Every roll call vote on war appropriations should be posted on Antiwar.com so that the plebes can start harassing our so-called representatives about their embarrassing votes. I don't pretend to be able to do more than that until there is truly a groundswell. I'll do my best to make sure this happens.

  2. I see that Pelosi couldn't be bothered with voting. Nice political move. How much do you want to bet that if McPalin were in office she would have voted for this bill? That is why party politics stink.

    1. Not to mention that Eric Canter (majority leader) didn't "bother to vote" either.

  3. This should put the lie to Raimondo's naive insistence that there's some secret groundswell in the Republican party against war.

    Note the Democrat totals are roughly 50/50 pro/con (95-87). The Republican totals are breathtakingly pro war (22:1 in favor).

    There is no hope whatsoever for the Republican party. Ron Paul doesn't make up for the 200+ other clowns.

    Raimondo would do well to recognize this plain truth and stop endlessly antagonizing liberals.

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