“Flytilla” Members Denied Entry to Israel

Ideally, all members of the France-based Flytilla would have been allowed entry into Israel and Palestine. Because of Israel’s policy of forbidding vocal and prominent opponents of Zionism and the Israeli state, such as Noam Chomsky and Norman Finklestein, most of the Flytilla activists were denied entry into Israel. Some, however, arrived in Tel Aviv only to be flagged, held, and eventually deported:

“Over 120 passengers were denied entry and are awaiting deportation for security reasons, they will leave within the next 24-48 hours,” said police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld.

Hundreds more pro-Palestinian activists hoping to join those that arrived in Israel were prevented from boarding flights for Tel Aviv from various European airports after Israel told airlines that certain people on passenger lists would not be allowed into the country.

As the number of Flytilla activists was rumored to be in the hundreds, it appears that the Flytilla was shot down just like the Flotilla was sunk.

The Israeli government’s policy of preventing humanitarian activists from helping the plighted Palestinian people is indicative of the fascist atmosphere permeating throughout Israel. Whether it be pledging loyalty to a “Jewish and democratic state”, forbidding Arab Israelis from living in your community, or denying vital reconstruction materials to the Palestinians, it is becoming clearer and clearer by the day that Israel is far from a democracy, and certainly not one to be looked upon as a model for the rest of the Middle East. The myth of Israel being a bastion of democracy and western values in the world’s most turbulent region is being uncovered for all to see, with much thanks to the free flow of information via the internet. There still remains a lot of debunking, eye opening, and educating to be done. Hopefully in the future, Americans will realize the truth about their supposed unwavering, democratized, western ally.

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  1. Israel’s model of democracy is not kosher at all, but the chosen people don’t get tired of praising it as the only one in the middle east. I don’t get tired of calling it the biggest hypocrisy in the world.

  2. We as a nation are every bit as responsible for this as Israel. As long as we continue to arm them and send them billions in "Aid" we will continue to be part of the problem.

    So Mr. President, when are you going to save us some billions and end a 60 year headache? Let's go Congress, time to defund Israel and in fact it's time to end all Forgeign Aid. We don't have the money and all it does is make enemies whenever you take sides in anything.

  3. Here's a link to the latest piece by Chomsky… http://www.truth-out.org/israel-tsunami-warning/1

    In May, in a closed meeting of many of Israel's business leaders, Idan Ofer, a holding-company magnate, warned, "We are quickly turning into South Africa. The economic blow of sanctions will be felt by every family in Israel."

    1. In case you haven't noticed, Israel has lost whatever legitimacy it managed to extort over the years, and from Uncle Sam since 1948.

      Whenever the UN General Assembly votes on Israel-related resolutions, the only country that sides with Israel is the United States.

      That shows that without the Israel Lobby controlling US politicians and threatening many in the Establishment, Israel and its criminal actions wouldn't last very long.

      But, then again, enablers like you keep pretending that Israel is a light onto the world.

    2. You are correct that Israel is a Sovereign nation but then again Israel never respects the concept of Sovereign. Ask the crew members of the USS Liberty who were on duty on a Naval ship under the sovereignty of the USA. How about the murder on international waters last year. Ok you can claim they were special cases but the Israel government will go to any country and use fake passports and murder. They have no respect for the Sovereign of others so why do you cry that they have the right to Sovereign as a reason to keep people who do not like Zionism from Israel. Personally I have a suggestion that anyone not of the correct religion avoid the conflict and go someplace else. I resent my tax dollars flooding into a nation that do not let anyone in that they think my not like the zionist. It is amazing that the still try to claim to be a democracy.

  4. Three thumb downs ? That all ? Awww, truth stings dont it ? Enjoy your delusions while you can .

    1. It's amusing that you think Israel is a sovereign nation when in fact it has no defined borders. Some sovereignty.

      1. Stay "amused " Avi , Pat Condel speaks the truth , and with that being evident , Israel will remain , and U.S . support will always be there . My question to you is, why after her borders were in fact DEFINED by unanimous UN Mandate in '47 , have they changed ? You know the answer Avi – concerted attacks by Arab countries resulting in Five Wars . Some neighbors eh ?

  5. Israel–that criminal Zionist entity–hides behind the apron strings of its sugar daddy, Uncle Chump. Not that our "51st state" shows any great regard for the U.S. ("Lavon Affair," U.S.S. LIBERTY, Rachel Corrie, vast espionage, last year's Gaza flotilla). . . .

  6. Actually thast's a pretty good idea Orvy , 51 st State . There's more to the USS Lberty than you know , try a bit of earnest investigation , Rachel Cory threw vherself in front of a bulldozer – too bad for her huh , the Gaza Flotilla was a violation of international law – go read up on that .As for any spying , well first off it wasn't motivated by any intention to harm the US , but to attain information pertinent to its own survival, that because of US duplicitousness , the U.S. woud not share . Haven't known Israel to hide behind anyone in the past 60 years , your biased based metaphor is all wet . But hey Orville , suck it up ,83 percent of American support Israel's existence and aid to Israel .

    1. ".As for any spying , well first off it wasn't motivated by any intention to harm the US , but to attain information pertinent to its own survival, that because of US duplicitousness , the U.S. woud not share."

      I forgot that it was the responsibility of the United States to bow down and fold to the interests of another country rather than putting themselves first. What a good little American you are!

  7. As fo Chomsky and Finkelstein , I wouldn't let'em in my junkyard if I owned one .As for Israel ? It has every right to brand both of those BUMS – persona non-grata . BTW – Orville [or is it mohamed ] you'd fit that category.

  8. Pro-Palestinians trying to enter Israel to engage in sabotage are garbage. Hey anti-Semites, you will reach nothing by trashing the Internet with you malevolent comments. Stop supporting islamo-fascists, that's all.

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