Car Bomb in Oslo, Norway

There has been a disastrous explosion outside a government building in the Norwegian city of Oslo. At least one explosion was a car bomb. Responsibility for the apparent attack has not been confirmed, but here are some speculations:

Earlier this month, a Norwegian prosecutor filed terrorism charges against an Iraqi-born cleric who had allegedly threatened the lives of Norwegian politicians. Mullah Krekar, the founder of the Kurdish Islamist group Ansar al-Islam, said in a news conference in 2010 that if he was deported from Norway he would be killed and, therefore, Norwegian politicians deserved the same fate, according to an AP report. The Norwegian government had considered deporting Krekar because he was seen as a national security threat.

Prior to the Iraq War, then-Secretary of State Colin Powell said Ansar al-Islam was the “sinister nexus between Iraq and the al Qaeda terrorist network.”

In July 2010, Norway arrested two alleged al Qaeda operatives who were allegedly plotting attacks similar to the attack planned by Najibullah Zazi on the New York City subway system. A third Norwegian resident was arrested in Germany in connection with the same alleged plot.

In 2006, Norwegian authorities held three men linked to an alleged plot to attack the U.S. and Israeli embassies in Oslo.

As part of NATO operations against the forces of Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi, two Norwegian fighter jets bombed Gadhafi’s Tripoli compound in April.

View some footage here.

25 thoughts on “Car Bomb in Oslo, Norway”

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  1. Does Watson think it was the Zionists? They pressure western governments more craftily. Surely, the clue is more likely to be in the Norwegian bombing of Gaddhafi's compound. Poetic justice?

  2. Norway is in Afghanistan. They've had recent immigrants from Iraq. Ansar al-Islam is a Kurdish group. They are Sunnis and according to the internet they are in bed with Al Qaeda.

  3. Could be internal politics. a reportedly Blonde Norwegian speaking man was arrested in Utoya for shooting up a Labour Party camp.

    "It could be extreme right wingers but we don't know." – Norwegian reporter

  4. Cui bono? Stand up for Palestinian statehood and all of a sudden…
    As David mentioned, "smells of Mossad." Indeed.

  5. Definitely a false-flag operation. With jihadist bombers it is an act of faith to die in the blast. Here, somebody else is involved. Perhaps an entity which wants oil-rich Norway to join the upcoming NATO-US war against Iran

  6. According to the BBC, the shooter at the youth camp who was disguised as a policeman and is now in custody has been described as a Norwegian national: tall, blond, Nordic. This has been verified by the Justice Dept. The same man was believed to have been seen in downtown Oslo just before the blasts. The police say this was not an act of international terrorism.

  7. Oh but regardless of who is picked up and questioned, and regardless of who they represent, some bright lad is going to weave some tale of intrigue to connect them to Al-Qaeda one way or another. Even if it comes to light that the dual missions were indeed carried by Mossad operatives, you can be sure they will have been 'brainwashed by radical Islamists' into carrying out the attacks.

    I join the others here in calling BS and that it's a false flag op from first to last.

    1. People are too quick to point fingers and place blame that's why I pointed out that the guy arrested was a Norwegian. If it had been Mossad or "Al Queda" why was a specific party targeted? Unfortunately, the rest of what you said may be right. Every time a bomb goes off they blame "Al Queda" or "radical muslims". People who don't bother to think will buy anything the media tells them.

      1. People who don't bother to think will buy anything the media tells them.

        The Amoricon majority most certainly falls into that category.

  8. a reason to make Norway another survilance and spying dominated nation like the US and UK.

    1. Unfortunately, they'll join the rest of us in hearing the word "terror" every time they turn around.

  9. When you think you've heard every thing from right wingers neo-cons but nut job Rush Limaugh lays another jem. Appearntly ,it is muslims who are to blame for why President Obama is pushing for an August 2nd deadline for debt ceiling talks.You see Ramadan starts Augest 1st.As you see ,It is another Islamic plot against the US.

  10. The perpetrator appears to be an extreme right winger who hates Muslims. He was also involved in a gun attack against children.

  11. Needless to say, before anything was known, the Usual Suspects were claiming it was "Islamists", just as they did right after 9/11. As has ben noted above, a Norwegian with extreme right-wing views has been arrested, but it's not even clear yet if there is any connection between his views and the attack. So now the Usual Suspects are claiming that he thought Muslims were taking over Norway! The propaganda hijacking is probably Mossad, but whether it was one of their black ops is hard to say. I don't see what advantahge they get out of it. If anything, like the Spanish train bombs, it could turn public opinion in Norway against military adventures.

    1. " So now the Usual Suspects are claiming that he thought Muslims were taking over Norway!"

      So instead of focusing on his idealogy or religious thinkings,they can once again blame Islam and Muslims for his actions instead Conservative Christianity, and conservative Charistians.What's good for the goose is good forv the gander.

  12. The right wing fundamentalism.., Christians or Hitlerism – fascism.., is on the rise in Scandinavians countries and in general all over Europe.., that is because of two main reasons connecting the countries social and cultural problems. One is.., Islam is brought to Scandinavians as a Business where most of Muslims have their own business mixed with Islamic business culture disagreeing with modernized Scandinavians culture. Such businesses in reality has been a good source of income for government.., in terms of paid taxes and that these small business hire 99.9% of immigrants Muslims or Christians.

    Second: is the fact that not many of Muslims or in general foreigners are able to find work which force the families to depend on the generous social services – hand outs and due to social economical impact.., it concerns the Scandinavians. Although in the past the left wing governments been trying hard to make their societies multi-ethnic.., yet throughout the years the result been the opposite.., Muslims and Christians from different nationality been at fight.., as if Scandinavians countries been their territories that they are fighting for.., so they been divided and living into separated smaller cities where some call it Muslims ghettos or for that matter and in generals terms these cities named “immigrants ghettos“ by Scandinavians themselves. There.., the crime is been on the rise whereby people living standard for Scandinavians and immigrants have declined dramatically.., and the system is hiding these cities out of the reach of general public but the reality of the crimes are published daily. This is not a matter happening or happened once in Norway but is all over Europe and latest yet most observed by general media is the uprising of French – Arab nationals and government crackdown in Paris and other part of the country is the evidence. In the other hand the European governments spends billions of Euro to be at wars all over the Arab countries forgetting the real problem (Neo fascism or as it called Neo – Democrats ) and social political or for that matter the economic consequences at home.

  13. While it was for Norsemen (Norwegians' ancestors) in 600s-800s to steal Europeans (mostly from Slavic tribes) and sell them to Islamo-Jewish traders via Granada and Salonica to Harun-ar-Rashid's court and harems it is not OK now for Muslims to settle in former Norsemen lands… What goes around comes around, whether you like it or not, Mr. Behring.

  14. Former prime minister of Norway Gro Harlem Brundtland, former head of WHO is missing after visiting Utøya last friday!!!!

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