7 thoughts on “Seems I Gave Jeffrey Goldberg Too Much Credit”

  1. Ummm Matt? "Jeffrey Goldberg apparently doctored his Friday post on the Norway attacks…"
    So now we could refer to Goldberg as 'doctor'? I had an entirely different name for the man and I'll just leave it at that.

  2. Another guy vetted, employed and given credence as some sort of authority.
    I agree with Baz – if this guy isn't mossad than he is paid well to act like one.
    Imagine the Nazi plants in media generations ago, doing the same thing –
    1. defending the indefensible
    2. lying by omission
    3. would be spitting mad if the tables were turned and the indefensible acts were sanctioned and permitted against his chosen tribe.

    It's easy to spot the shills and their moral relativism: Its ok for Israel to defend itself by any means legally or otherwise, but the same rules do not apply to others.
    These openly racist extremist commentators need to be shown the door, ignored and relegated to the fringes…and would have, before 9/11

    1. Actually when it comes to the antiwar movement they condemn Israel for apartheid but they ignore the fact that Israel's enemies practice a more severe form of apartheid.

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