French Military Stretched Too Thin? Horrors!

It turns out such activities as overthrowing Ivory Coast’s recalcitrant dictator, miring itself in Libya, propping up Chad’s leader is a strain on France’s military.

Africans who seek a liberal society might be forgiven for spying a glimmer of hope in the news. After all, France has spent decades brutalizing them, slaughtering their democratic leaders, propping up their vicious dictators, watching on location with blasé disinterest as Rwanda was hacked to bits, defending slavery in Central African Republic, and much more. All this after colonialism “ended.”

And with Sarkozy threatening to sloppily meddle across the globe at whim using the thus-far disastrous Libya model, can we help but smirk at the idea that France’s army is overstretched?

The headline reads that “some” worry. None of those some are people interested in a more just and peaceful world.

6 thoughts on “French Military Stretched Too Thin? Horrors!”

  1. If there's any country that can top the USA when it comes to foreign military adventures that go terribly awry, it's France.

  2. Well, you can't criticize interventions while critcizing non-interventions, can you?

    "with blasé disinterest as Rwanda was hacked to bits"

    Hacked itself to bits, rather. And it ain't over yet, either.

    "The Libya intervention is estimated to cost France about $1.5 million a day, yet so far it enjoys bipartisan support in Parliament. The public, too, is largely supportive."

    That is, until the welfare checks are late. France is also on the list of countries that may need a container or two of freshly printed EURos lest the top-heavy state apparatus transforms itself into a mass of striking retards that suddenly have found their inner Marxist.

    1. I didn't criticize non-intervention. But the troops were right there. You'd think they could lift a finger instead of eating popcorn. If anything, it exposes the lie that France is there to help people.

  3. France may have identify that there is an urgent need to make its military army fatter. It can not be looked only from economic side, but it is important to secure France properties around the world.

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