Glenn Beck and the Second Coming

Glenn Beck is leading an evangelical delegation to Israel (reports The Washington Post) with letters of commendation from Texas Gov. Rick Perry and evangelist John Hagee, leader of Christians United For Israel. The group was described by my article, The Strangest Alliance in History and in journalist Max Blumenthal’s video of their Washington meeting, where former House Speaker Tom Delay described how he “lives for the Second Coming.”

My article describes how the Christian Zionist Texans invented God’s “Dual Covenant” to promise Jews a sort of Christian like parallel heaven after he (soon) destroys most human life on earth. This because the evangelicals dream of and send millions of dollars to promote an early Second Coming, whereby God will kill, with great brutality, and then send to Hell, every human being on earth except for those who convert to born again Christianity. These then get a free pass to heaven with no Day of Judgment, sort of like Muslims claim for those who die in battle.

And they argue that Muslims are led by crazy fanatics!

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  1. It has been my experience that the religious tend to be statist in their inclinations; religion in general exhorts followers to obey a strict, impracticable code of morals; and to provide relief to the poor, but never to ask the question why they are poor to begin with. Indeed, religion tends to dignify poverty, war as long as it is fought with God's approval, and demonize pleasure and commerce. Since persuasion alone will never realize their moral vision, they appeal to the State to fulfill God's will on Earth. Whether Left or Right, it is fairly irrelevant; it naturally follows from their religion. The Christian anarchists were considered heretics in their time, going against their fellows as well as the State.

    Now, most atheists are not anti-statist for the reason most people are not either. It is also a function of anti-government rhetoric being associated with Right, which is predominantly religious. However, when one considers that religion has always served as a justification for war, statism, and the destruction of commerce, to say that these types "pervert" religion ignores the historical record.

    I have nothing but respect for libertarians who happen to be religious; an attack on one's beliefs does not constitute an attack on one's person or moral stature. However, it takes a lot of rationalizations to derive anything remotely libertarian from religion. God proclaims himself lord of the Earth, and that we puny humans are merely renting it. If that isn't depotism, I don't know what is.

    1. I can define Atheisn in 3 sentences. We come from nothing. We are here for no reason. We are going nowhere. Is it any wonder most of the wolrd's people espouse some religion? Atheism has brought some awful things to the world, the French Revolution, Communism, Socialism. Many millions of religious and other people were killed because of Atheistic fanaticism.. Religion has some answers. You atheists, in my opinion, have none. Now as for Hagee and Beck, they are nothing but paid shills for extreme Zionists. Israel was founded by Communists and atheists. At first religious Jews didn't want anything to do with it. That has changed and the most extreme Jews and extreme Christian Zionists have gone into a wacky pact.

      1. A desire for God and the comfort, meaning and explanation(s) he is alleged to supply is not equivalent to the actual existence of such a God. I, too, wish human science could provide specific answers concerning the origin of space, time, matter, energy, the meaning of life, and what, if anything, happens once a human dies. However, the current inability of science to do this is not evidence of theology's ability to do this. The essence of religion around the world is essentially the following: What(ever) we believe is absolutely true because it says so in a book we say is absolutely true because it was written by the God we believe to exist because this book we have says so. It's a highly circular reasoning devoid of any logic, reason, or evidence. Furthermore, if religion is beyond logic, reason and evidence, no logic, reason or evidence can be put forth to defend it. Thus, in addition to these three, religion is also beyond conversation.

    2. You're a moron and know absolutely nothing about being a Christ follower! Christ never asked people to change. All anyone has to do is have faith that he died for the sins of man. It's the only religion that doesn't require good deeds.

  2. Glenn Feckless is Mormon. Ergo, he is NOT a 'ziongelical'. However, Mormons are adamant in their belief that they are the "lost tribe of Israel." Oh yes, true true.
    By the by, Tom Delay was NEVER Speaker of the House. Not the US House of Reprehensibles. Now Texas on the other hand may in fact be an entirely different story as Texas usually is.

  3. The Bible states that: "10,000 out of each of the 12 tribes of Israel will be taken out of the tribulation" – and interestingly – NO where in the Bible does the term "rapture" appear.

    Zionist Hagee and idiot Beck – TRAITORS to America – and one must wonder what kind of Christians are they? They would have the US murder Muslims in the name of Jesus – wow – some 'Christians' aren't they.

    Mao was correct: "religion is the opium of the masses" – of the ignorant brainwashed masses.

  4. It's amazing how the people who scream the loudest about 'Shari'ah!' from the rooftops are the same ones that want to put the United States under a theocracy headed by 'Divine Biblical Law' and lead a giant crusade against Islam.

    How they deal with that cognitive dissonance is beyond me.

  5. Good grief, these monotheistic religions and their followers are nuts.

    I used to like Beck, till he became a zionist. What did these people offer him? What do they offer all these personalities to drop all their agendas and focus exclusively on israel. Here's what I'd like see Beck, Hagee, Perry, etc. do: buy a one-way ticket to israel, take your family and fans with you, surrender your US passport, and don't ever come back. Why live here if israel is so awesome? Isn't there where Jesus is going to appear? You might as well be there in advance.

    1. RickR30,
      Not going to happen – the Israelis have no use for the Christian Evangelicals except as useful idiots (to guarantee solid US support, financial and military), for a totally 100% Jewish Israel. "Useful idiots" are just that – "useful" but you don't want them as neighbors. And Hagee, Beck, Perry, Bachmann, etc can forget about converting to Judaism – that also is not going to happen – you are either born into the "tribe" or forget it.

    2. Beck has essentially become an agent for Israel and his mission is to remain here in the US and lead us all into the desert of war and destruction which they hope to ignite in the near future.

    3. Supporting a just cause and nation doesn't mean that want to live there. Say something intelligent…please.

  6. Glenn Beck has become a buffoon and an idiot- a parody of his former self. Back in the days when he focused on righting the tilting ship of state and getting the word out on stories the public might not hear otherwise, I actually liked him and enjoyed his radio show. Now, he's just completely off the reservation and is tying his fate to that of Israel which, I am extremely sorry to say, will be his downfall. He's managed to convince himself that to hitch his wagon to a falling star is the best possible course he could take when all the evidence shows the opposite is true. Ah, Glenn, nice knowing you but, buddy, at this point I've got to cut you loose. You're more of a liability than an asset- and I think the Israeli public will soon decide that as well.

    1. Since he's out of his FOX gig, he's decided to take a different tack…he's seen over the years all the $$$$ that pours in to televangelists and figures, "Hey, I can do that and I already have a dedicated following!!!" He sees himself as a preacher so, send $$$$ to support his cause (and provide for his lavish lifestyle, no doubt.) Ain't no flying coach for this dude.

      1. Sometimes I have to wonder if his alcoholic past hasn't caught up to him and affected his brain and thought processes. Smart guy, but poor application of his talents with this pseudo-Zionist fetish he's got going on now.

    2. Shed no tears for Glenn Beck (it would violate his "intellectual property rights" to do so).

  7. Beck is a opportunist. . Here is a 1 minute(0:38 to 1:38) out of a 4 minute video on how he became a Mormon for sex.
    He was a talk radio personality that got fired. Much of his material he hijacked from internet personality . A hedonist turned mormon for the purposes of Christian ZIonists supporting the right wing in Israel? His house of cards is going to fall soon. Christian Zionists are very B list. Can he Please stay in Israel and not come back.

  8. The second coming is unfolding in front of everyone's eyes, yet those demanding it will likely the last to recognize it. The head of the Spiritual Hierarchy, the Planetary Christ, has been on television 29 times in the US incognito. He has been appearing in the Middle East, marching and sitting with protesters as they have demanded justice. There has been a 'star' heralding his reappearance seen around the world. Yet since his methods are designed to bring peace not revenge and his message is about sharing the world's resources, justice, cooperation and love he hardly would be seen by blood-thirsty fundamentalists as the one they are looking for.

    1. This is more like it. No fear, no hate, no needless war, just the people rising up to demand their rights. Sharing is indeed the only true path for humanity to achieve peace and secure its survival.

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