10 thoughts on “‘I do not believe in a two state solution’”

  1. I don't believe in a two-state solution either. It should be one state, ruled by the people who have lived there for 5,000 years and not by Eastern-European interlopers who came there in 1948 and began to ethnically cleanse the historical inhabitants.

    1. The truth is that the Israeli, or rather the Jews ultimate goal is to wipe out the Palestine and the Palestinians, and subjugate the whole Middle East. This has been PLANNED from the beginning, and by the whole US-Led-Western world.
      Unfortunately, the Arabs and the Palestinian themselves still fatally hope that there is “a sincere solution” for them. Of course, there is one and only one solution for them, and that is the FINAL SOLUTION. You all know what it is already, unless there is nothing in your head.

      1. You should be ashamed to put your name on this ignominious post. You can't blame ordinary Jewish people for Netanyahu's crimes. Why not blame the real criminals? They are much closer to home in Washington. You might remember the standing ovation they gave Netanyahu when he addressed them last year. Without their backing, Israel would have to choose peace over expansion or face the entirely negative consequences.

  2. They are killing their own brothers and sisters over a fairy tale. From what I read they are genetically close. Ideology thicker than blood?

    1. Yup, family disagreements are the worst, especially if they are over land/property and dressed up in religious fairy tales.

    2. They are not killing over fairy tale, they are killing over land. Occupiers trying to throw out the occupied.

  3. Why should the Israeli rightwing believe in a fair deal for the Palestinians – the got the United States congress, one of the real power houses of weapons manufacturing, and free money under their AIPAC thumb. They are getting all they want for their own behavior.
    Obama appointed George Mitchell, and then capitulated to Netanyahu. Why do you think Obama is rated so low in the Arab world?
    In 1948, the founding of Israel was unilateral actions at the UN. Fine, just don't give them US support, be neutral. That is currently a fairy tale. From the Christian Zionists, to the NeoCons, to the majority of the Republican party; attacking Arab countries is permissible. If you don't see this as a foreign policy hypocrisy, then I suggest one is blind.

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