Depicting an Executed Iraqi Family

Earlier this week I reported on a US State Department diplomatic cable released by WikiLeaks detailing the execution by American forces of an Iraqi family, including five children, in March of 2006. McClatchy has now written on the story and provided a photograph I thought was worth a follow up post.

The caption from McClatchy explains this is a cell phone photo  shot by an Iraqi after the incident. According to Iraqi police it depicts children executed by U.S. troops.

The individual who described the incident to Secretary of State at the time Condoleeza Rice, Philip Alston, was contacted by McClatchy:

Reached by email Wednesday, Alston said that as of 2010 — the most recent data he had — U.S. officials hadn’t responded to his request for information and that Iraq’s government also hadn’t been forthcoming. He said the lack of response from the United States “was the case with most of the letters to the U.S. in the 2006-2007 period,” when fighting in Iraq peaked.

Alston said he could provide no further information on the incident. “The tragedy,” he said, “is that this elaborate system of communications is in place but the (U.N.) Human Rights Council does nothing to follow up when states ignore issues raised with them.”

If we think these kinds of horrors never occur in Afghanistan, we’d be kidding ourselves. Furthermore, that this is coming out almost five years after the incident occurred should reveal just how negligent the news media is. Americans simply don’t have a good understanding – or any understanding – of the wars America is engaged in.

One thought on “Depicting an Executed Iraqi Family”

  1. If you listen to neocon/theocon logic dead Iraqi's are a good thing. In their world those poor children are just "mini jihadists" The whole war on terror is nothing but an excuse to murder foreigners which is sick. In addition you'll never hear the so called pro-life movement raise one finger about it

  2. And remember your tax money helped fund this!!!

    Remember that every April 15th when you file your 1040 slave form!

    And some idiots in a prior post had the nerve to trash Cindy Sheehan for refusing to pay for this type of mass murder.

    Your government is a mass murdering criminal gang and they are murdering in your name with your money. And most Amerikans are either blissfully ignorant of this or are all for it!

    Amerika, whadda country!

  3. And one thing I know for sure: you won't hear a peep about this tonight out of the mouths of little Brian Willaims, little Scott Pelley, and whoever the ABC propagandist is, the blithering talking heads at Fox Fascist News or from Communist News Network when they read their nightly propaganda…er… I mean news.

  4. The Daily Telegraph also has a story about the many civilians gunned down who refused to stop for checkpoints. In regards to this story, If there was an airstrike to destroy the evidence as the report says how were the bodies intact?

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