Spinning the Egyptian Anti-Israel Protest

Today’s New York Times front-page story on Egyptian protests against the Israeli embassy largely neglects a primary cause of the anger: Israeli forces’ killing of five Egyptian policemen. Egyptian anger over these deaths grew even greater when Israel’s defense minister Ehud Barak refused to apologize.

Today’s Times‘ story is co-written by Ethan Bronner, who is the Times‘ Jerusalem Bureau Chief and is based in Israel, not Egypt. The Times fails to disclose that Bronner’s son is in the Israeli military (and that Mr. Bronner is living in a house Israel confiscated from Palestinians).

Only in the third-to-last paragraph of today’s article, which emphasizes Israeli victimization, does the Times mention that an “episode” that may be related to the Egyptian protests is the “accidental Israeli shooting of at least three Egyptian soldiers inside their territory…”

The Times fails to report that the Egyptians were not just shot, they were killed; that most reports say the victims were policemen (i.e. civilians), not soldiers; and that the number is five, not three.

It is noteworthy that the Times‘ doesn’t even bother to discover the number of Egyptians killed, content with simply saying “at least.” Over two weeks after the deaths the precise number should not be difficult to ascertain. It is hard to imagine Mr. Bronner being so blithe about Israeli deaths, which the Times covers at disproportionately high rates.

The Times provides no information about these Egyptian deaths: there are no names, no interviews with grieving families, no descriptions of their agony, no photographs. Their killing is simply called “accidental;” an adjective it is difficult to recall Mr. Bronner ever using to describe the deaths of Israelis.

The Times also fails to include the fact that Israeli forces then killed 14 Gazans, including two toddlers and a 13-year old (and injured at least 50), whom they chose to hold responsible for a lethal border attack by unknown gunmen against Israel, and that in the past two weeks Israeli air strikes have killed 9 more Palestinians, including a 13-year-old. In the past few days Israeli forces have abducted at least 5 Palestinians, fired on non-violent protesters in Palestinian villages, and demolished Palestinian homes, wells, and agricultural land.

Such Israeli actions have long outraged Egyptians living next door. However, thanks to such filtered reporting by the Times and others, Americans almost never learn of them. Instead, we just hear about Israel, which has the third to fifth most powerful military in the world, once again being victimized by attackers.

Since the Times‘ also almost never reports that Americans are Israel’s number one funder, giving more US tax money to Israel than to any other country, despite Israel’s wealth and diminutive size, many Americans fail to understand the growing hostility against the US created by our tax money to Israel.

On the eve of September 11th, we need to learn about the fundamental source of anger against the US. But don’t look to the New York Times to tell us.

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  1. Well done Alison ! Those sods will eat us first, maybe, but remember – you are on the second dish

  2. Mr Justin Raimondo, once said mockingly its always about Israel. To them it is, the New York media it is. How about Egypt: its mainly about "It was the two-fold result of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) apparent desire to maintain a stranglehold on power and Israel’s continued flouting of international law, boundaries and dignity.In July, bloggers, journalists and activists began to be “summoned” by the military over criticism. Thousands of civilians have been tried and sentenced in military courts and the ruling junta appears to have let the country cool from the revolution and revert back to how the country was run, and importantly seen by Egyptians, on January 24, 2011" as one Egyptian paper noted. Try ttp://english.ahram.org.eg/NewsContentP/1/20856/Egypt/The-storming-of-Cairos-Israeli-embassy-an-eyewitne.aspx instead of the New York Ruppertt Murdock owned manipulation machine.
    Israel is their own issue. The Egyptian revolt is mainly about young people who knew the system was fixed. Don't forget a local Giza police office was also stormed.

  3. The New York times needs to change their name. The 'New Zionist Times' would work. "All the news that slanted to please Israel."

  4. Alison Weir is living in a house, built on land confiscated from Native Americans, and as such, is part of the movement of European Expansionism, as well as enjoying the fruits of genocide and ethnic cleansing. Alison has not returned to wherever in Europe she came from, nor has even offered to pay rent to the appropriate native tribe, for squatting on their land.

  5. Benjamin Netanyahu and his fellow Zionists' megalomaniacal dreams of conquest and a Greater Israel are coming to an end. We as Americans can only hope that once, just for once, America's ruling class will be pressured by the citizenry into putting the interests and lives of Americans first. If a new Middle East War comes, as seems increasingly probable, it is likely that the Israeli Zionists will unleash their 400 plus nuclear weapons under the so called "Sampson Option" and take out as many of us hated Gentiles as they possibly can before they themselves are consumed by the fires of historical inevitability.

    1. I don't think Israel would dare to exercise the Sampson option and openly use their nukes unless they were having a "Masada" moment. It would be a monumental mass murder/suicide. There's no competing power on the horizon in the middle east that could push Israel into such an act of desperation.

  6. Alison lies again, their was a terrorist attacked from the Sinai in which Egyptian and Palestinian terrorists murdererd innocent Israelis. All Israel did was fire back where the terrorists were in the Sinai.
    Ofcourse self defense is something Alison doesn't like Israel to do.
    Alison should focus on the genocidal incitement in the Arab media to kill Jews, which is the main reason why Arabs love killing Jewish civilians.
    Here's a good article about the Eilat massacre of Israeli civilians.
    August 19, 2011

  7. Alison here are the murderers.
    As Jews In Israel Are Murdered, Reminiscent Of Nazi Era, Media Turns Blind Eye To Terrorism
    Israel News Agency, August 21, 2011 | Joel Leyden
    Egyptians Protest Outside Israeli Embassy With Swastika Sign Saying “The Gas Chambers Are Ready”
    August 22, 2011
    Egyptian Cleric: Obligation to Murder Israelis
    A senior Egyptian cleric has issued a ruling declaring it permissible to murder Israeli citizens in Egypt. Dr. Salah Sultan, a lecturer on Islamic law (Sharia) at Cairo University, declared Friday that any Egyptian Muslim who meets a Zionist must kill him.

  8. If Alison Weir wants to condem Israel for defending itself, she should be relocated next to Bin Ladin, under Atlantic ocean, together with antiwar editorial board.

  9. Then Alison lies about Jerusalem and doesn't mention a word about the Arabs ethnic cleasing of all the Jews from East Jerusalem from 48 to 67, just as she doesn't mention 1 word about the thousands of rockets fired from Gaza at Israel.
    She's also blind to the Pals intentions.
    PA TV: Western Wall area to be turned into Arab housing neighborhood.
    Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik
    Aug. 17, 2011

    Palestinian Authority TV:
    Western Wall area to be turned into Arab housing neighborhood -Jewish presence in Jerusalem will be erased from history.

  10. Like Germans, Palestinians indoctrinated with notion that Jews are not human
    Since 2001, there were more than 150 homicide bombing attacks against Israeli civilians and another 500 which were stopped by Israeli troops.
    The result was 1557 murder victims and 17,000 maimed Israelis for life.
    No less than 84% of the Palestinians supported the Mercaz Harav yeshiva massacre in 08 in Jerusalem.
    They slaughter Israeli civilians on buses, shopping centers, disco’s, pizzeria’s, hotels, holocaust survivors celebrating Passover.
    Jews are commonly referred to as sons and daughters of pigs and apes.
    Streets in Gaza and Ramallah are named after homicide bombers who tear life from the defenseless Jews to implement the Arabs mass murder plans.
    Only the Palestinians could celebrate the murder of the Fogel family and the decapitation of a 3 month old baby.

  11. Antiwar is in total panic. They wont put my comments on this board, cause like the Arab and Iranian rulers, they want no opposition.

  12. This is who Alison supports. I wonder how much money the Arabs are paying her off.

    Abbas honors mastermind of Munich Olympics massacre http://www.thejerusalemgiftshop.com/israelinews/c
    PA TV honors Sbarro pizza shop terrorists
    Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik
    Sept. 4, 2011

    PA TV host sends "best wishes" to "our glorious" prisoner
    who transported suicide bomberto attack that killed 15, including 7 children.
    These are the sadists that the left supports.
    Abbas honors terrorist Dalal Mughrabi, killer of 37 Israeli civilians.

  13. What do you think Israel should have done, seeing there civilians are being blown to bits by Palestinian suicide bombers, who are deliberately targeting elderly Holocaust survivors at Passover Seders, teenagers in pizza parlours, buses, disco's, cafe's and restaurants.
    19 years after Oslo, thousands of Jews have been murdered and maimed for life. Jews have been burned by Arab suicide bombers in buses, like they were burned and gassed in the crematoria of Hitler. Arabs kill Jews not because they live in Israel, but because they are alive. http://www.jihadwatch.org/2008/05/hamas-official-
    Hamas Foreign Minister "Zahar:"After we defeat the Zionists we will persecute them… we will persecute them to eternity"
    May 14, 08

  14. Miss Weir perhaps you are unaware of the fact that at the conclusion of 1948 hostilities, not a single Jew was left alive on the West Bank or East Jerusalem. All murdered or deported. By contrast, those Arabs who did not flee from Israel became full citizens. The vast majority who fled did so voluntarily. So which side is guilty of ethnic cleansing?
    I didn't even mention 99% of the Jews were forced from the Arab countries in the late 40s early 50s.
    Arabs want to destroy Israel, but Israel doesn't want to be destroyed.
    The obstacle to peace remains Arab terrorism perpetrated by Arabs to annihilate an Israel of any size. And the inability of Arabs to live side by side with Jews, or anyone else.

    1. If Palestine gets recognized by the UN in the near future, the 5 million descendants of the 711,000 refugees who fled in 1948 could lobby for their right to return, compensation for property damage, and retrieval of stolen property under UN resolution 194.

  15. Israel will never sorry about the case. Israel always thinks that what it has done was the right thing and required to protect their country. Israel looks so strong because US government will always support what IsraHell does!

  16. The attack you mentioned was against israeli military targets. So it was not a terrorist attack. Furthermore, the egyptians soldiers were not a part of it. So long as Palestinians are under occupation and prevented from returning to their homeland, dont expect this to end for the illegitimate apartheid state of Israel.

    1. Are two buses and two private cars are military targets? They was attacked with RPG and Kalashnikovv rifles. Did you ever see the effects o kalashnikov shots at the close range? Or effects on RPG penetrating bus? Did you know what is the definitiojn of aparheid? Did you ever benn in israeli hospital? Any of them? They are full of palestinians – not wounded, simply ill.

  17. Dear Dan Kelso – wow with all the vicious and racist language in the links you posted…how about just the facts. On August 19, a military (not civilian) bus was attacked in Eilat from the Gaza strip and, tragically, eight IDF soldiers were killed. The IDF responded by firing at and killing 5 Egyptian (civilian) police officers which has been, according to this article, the reason for Egyptian protests against Israel. The Egyptians were not responsible for the Eilat attack. Facts please, not slander or hateful hype!

    1. Killed driver of one bus was also soldier? And from where came those attackers& Egyptians says from Egypt… you know/ And some of them wore "civilian police uniform" And anyway let burn some jews! Serves them right!

  18. F-Bomb, do you believe your lies.

    Eilat victims' names released

    The names of four victims of Thursday's terror attacks have been released. They are two sisters and their husbands.
    Four victims of the deadly attacks Thursday in Eilat have been identified as husband and wife Moshe and Flora Gaz, and Flora's sister Shula Karlinsky and her husband, Dov Karlinsky. Both couples lived in Kfar Saba.

    The four took off for a vacation in Eilat on Thursday, but never arrived. As they approached the city they were ambushed by terrorists, who fired an anti-tank missile at their car.

    After the missile hit his target, a terrorist approached the car and fired on the four to make sure they had all been slain.
    What lovely people. Give them a 'state' and I'm sure they'll stop behaving this way.

  19. More about Eilat.

    Another woman survived after her husband was murdered by playing dead. She was apparently the wife of 57-year old Yosef Levi from Holon, who was also murdered in the attack.

    At this point, I think the only name we're missing is the Egged bus driver.

    Here's another reminder of a case where 'Palestinian' terrorists went back to make sure that a 2-year old was dead. Nice people, aren't they? Calling them animals is an insult to the animals…. Scum of the earth – that's what they are.

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