12 thoughts on “Ron Paul vs. Rick Santorum on Foreign Policy”

  1. These debate always seem to focus on 9/11 as if it was the one and only terrorist attack in the US… Someone should bring up the fact, that the majority of terrorism in the US is from right wing white males.. ie-Rush Limbaugh's audience….

  2. Santorum is acting incredulous (for audience effect of course) just as Rudy Giulianni did in the debates four years ago. Same thing happened here – Dr Paul expertly took him to task and at the same time educated those that cared to listen. It is not about our 'freedoms' folks. As with Dr. Paul's reference to how would 'we' feel – I would not like it one bit if Chinese tanks and mounted patrols were cruising our streets, day after day, month after month, year after year. Think about it.

  3. It's hard to believe that anyone could believe Santorum. How brainwashed must one be to believe his nonsense? Does Santorum live in a sanitorium?

  4. As Pat Buchanan put it, Osama Bin Ladin didn’t stumble upon the U.S. constitution one day while sitting in a cave and suddenly go berserk. It’s interesting that the booing really flared up when Paul mentioned the Palestinians. Christian Zionist in the house? Holla!

  5. Santorum needs to educate himself and stop believing in fairy tales. He dug his own grave at the debate. Remember what happened to Giulianni when he demonized Ron Paul? Santorum will soon be out of the race as well.

  6. Mr.Santorum is a very anger Italian American….I think he has come to realise he does not have a chance to be the GOP choice.More importantantly the members in the audience who booed Dr.Paul who made a genuine effort to further a matured discussion on motive, its like this a good investigator looks for real evidence being careful not to follow a staged scene and its bogus "so-called evidence". There is something about our shared sense of humanity that makes us understand we want to be treated decently, thats the point Dr.Paul presented to the listeners last night and some responsed as if they have no grasp of what it is to be the noble human person G-d created us to be "endowed by there Creator with certain unalienable rights" these rights are what make us human.For human life is not beastly existence this life is a life that aims at excellence at every ascent.This is true American exceptionalism the full truth is this is not a characteristic property monoplolized by America or Western society it is in the nature of the human soul from birth.

  7. Ron Paul got balls of steel. He knows he is right, and is unrelenting about pressing his point. Santorum does not have the brains or integrity to debate Ron Paul. Ron Paul owns Rick Santorum.

  8. Santorum is also the frothy mixture of lube and fecal matter that is sometimes the by-product of anal sex.

  9. Santorum is a truly unique American asshole who should have spent more time in real debates before going national.He has no clue of what he stands for except ASSHOLES

  10. How did "they hate us for our freedom" get two seconds of consideration in the first place? That entire line is so absurd that it takes a political context that is completely broken to even have it on the list of possibilities. This is something George W. Bush brought about: because he was regarded as such a mental midget, his pronouncements were treated with patience and deference instead with the ridicule and furious denunciations that they deserved. Imagine if Al Gore had said such a thing. It would have been blasted out the sky in two seconds.

    It's a sign of a busted political culture. Paul should be saying things like, "that's fine for the elementary school playground, Rick, but grown-ups know better."

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