Ron Paul video: Mutually Assured Destruction vs. Mutually Assured Respect

Ron Paul on foreign policy:

5 thoughts on “Ron Paul video: Mutually Assured Destruction vs. Mutually Assured Respect”

  1. *This*, my friends, is a presidential address. And this man is THE peace candidate—-the last real one we may ever see.

    If you're a voting US citizen, please, for the love of peace, vote for him. If you live in closed primary/caucus state and you're not registered as a Republican, please consider biting the bullet and doing so, so that you can help him secure the nomination.

  2. I do not think Ron Paul could win the presidency but it would be a great thing if he did. This is one of the most inspiring and visionary speeches I ever heard. Ron Paul is a man for the ages.

  3. Very well said, Ron!

    Now why don't your campaign ads ever reflect this message? In the last election cycle, it seemed there was more jingoism than mutually assured respect in your campaign's TV ads, at least in the ones that I saw. Please don't make that mistake this time around. More ads like this video, please! It would energize a lot of people.

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