9 thoughts on “Justin Raimondo on Freedom Watch (video)”

  1. Well if you get a show, hopefully it won't be on Faux. Why don't you guys produce some shorter pieces yourselves and post them online here and on Youtube, etc. and see what happens?

  2. We need to know that the invisible demons are active in the Earth, and they can and do make Anglo-American Politicians and other Animals do things that are not normal, and England and America are the Puppet Masters, and most of the European Union along with Boris Tadic and the Serbian Government as their Willing Puppets.

    The Video Titled: Harold and Fatmirja, a true love story; it shows what America has done and continues to do to the World, and it can be found on the Internet at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wkGkU_gAt2Y , unless the CIA changes the contents or location of that video in order to try to discredit what I wrote.

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