The Only Drone Threat Most Americans Would Recognize

great, timely cartoon from the new issue of the New Yorker

12 thoughts on “The Only Drone Threat Most Americans Would Recognize”

  1. Yesterday I posted a comments (my last) in ICH in which I said that I will vote to re-elect Obama in order to prevent a gop win and an subsequent attack on Iran; I was automatically blocked by ICH. It is funny because I have said many things that were very critical of things on which most ICH posters agree, and I was never blocked, no matter how distemperate my comments, how ill written, how silly or superficial. It was this short comment, courteously stated, and I got blocked. Justin, I don't expect you to comment on this, it is too insignificant; but I thought I should let you know.

    1. also, I don't understand how come I got an automatic thumbs up here, the split second my fingers typed the "w" in "know" above

      1. Far as I know, intensedebate posters get +1 from the get go.

        > I said that I will vote to re-elect Obama in order to prevent a gop win … in order to prevent a gop win and an subsequent attack on Iran.

        The unfortunate truth is that the immediate future may be suprising in this respect.

  2. i think it is funny that you believe that obama won't lead an attack (or support an israeli attack) on iran.

    1. What I find hilarious is that the average American is still under the illusion that there is a difference between the Democrats and the Republicans. In the absence of real leadership, the average American sucks on his own thumb, comforted by the illusion that one party is better than the other. Why? Because the alternative — the realization that one's vote is meaningless — is devastating to most gullible and naive citizens.

      And what I find most pathetic of all is the fact that people cling onto the notion that THEIR party is always the better alternative than the OTHER party. Instead of putting country first — or fellow human beings first — they put their own idols first. A simple glance at all those self-styled progressives who whined about Bush's warrantless abuses but who didn't mind Obama's abuses illustrates that point cogently.

  3. Pro Tip for 2012 Presidential Elections: It's not how many votes are counted, it's who counts the votes.

  4. Whichever way you count your votes, or whoever counts those votes – is absolutely irrelevant. Even more, the POTUS name and party affiliation is irrelevant, too. All that matters is current interests of ruling oligarchies in both US of A and Israel (USAI).

  5. Iran-Contra do over cha-cha! Where are you Oliver North, the Obama needs you.
    "High crimes and murderous treason are, at times, necessary to protect Caesa

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