CIA Assassin in Denver Bagel Store Brawl

Its a pity for Raymond Davis that diplomatic immunity doesn’t extend to suburban Denver.

Davis, the “consulate employee” (read: CIA assassin) who was arrested in January for murdering two people on the streets of Lahore and started a multi-month diplomatic row between the US and Pakistan, underscored what a reasonable man he is today by trouncing another man in front of Einstein Bagels in Highlands Ranch in a dispute over a parking spot.

Davis was arrested on the spot and charged with third degree assault and disorderly conduct. He was later released when he posted $1,750 bond. No word yet on if the Saudi government paid his way out of jail this time.

18 thoughts on “CIA Assassin in Denver Bagel Store Brawl”

  1. I'd expect no less—nay, *no more*—-from an imperial goon. Sociopathy is a marketable skill—-where state jobs are concerned, anyway.

    And I'd wager a pretty penny that Davis's adversary was smaller and weaker than him.

  2. LOL! Bagel Shop! lol Parking Spot!!!! (lol) Is there a photo of him scanning the rooftops (lol!) for snipers/comrades while being led away (lol!) in handcuffs again this time? LOL! What a (lol!) "man's man!" Seriously couldn't get through a sentence without laughing here…! So, when's the congressional investigation into Steroids in the Clandestine Services?

  3. First, calling what Einstein produces a "bagel" is being extremely generous, to say the least.

    As far as Mr. Davis goes though, if this is the type of people the CIA/State Dept are hiring now then it won't be long before other instances of "blowing a fuse" or "losing control" precipitate more international incidents further damaging the image and reputation of the US of A abroad. I remember seeing a comment during the Pakistan incident calling Davis a "cowboy." Appropriate.

    1. Just one friendly point, Curmudg, and that is that there's nothing left of the "image and reputation of the US of A abroad" to damage. The world knows that this man, Davis, is, in fact, a perfect personification of US foreign policy.

      1. I agree but one can hope that there might still be somewhere where the distinction between what our government does and what a majority of the American people believe is acknowledged.

  4. No word yet on if the Saudi government paid his way out of jail this time.

    For all we know, the U.S. government has already posted his bail. Given what this creature was involved in inside the far-flung corners of the Empire, I'm sure that they're anxious to preclude him from revealing too much of himself in anyone's custody other than their own. If Davis is that much of a loose cannon, it's probably only a matter of time before he "commits suicide."

  5. Surely that Einstein Bros Bagel Store was a front for Pakistani Taliban. And the guy that Mr. Davis courageously prevented from doing harm to our great country was no one else but an older son of Mullah Omar himself. Great American, Mr. Davis! Always on duty.

  6. Too bad the victim wasn't armed, otherwise the ex-CIA thug would have been ventilated and tits up on the sidewalk.

  7. "Rambozzo" Davis in another "incident"??….. You don't say..!!1 Perhaps this new sanfu betrays the true providence of certain J.Bs… Much more likely an AIPAC outpost and clandestine consulate for the cognoscenti of American Empire…..than the Taliban as Guido guesses… more likely in front of (???) a front… A bagle shop named Einstien's… How IN character… I wonder the extent of taxpayer funding for this "outpost''' amongst the natives, wogs, goyim… Is there anything else to learn here… Or is this another "Move along, nothin to see HERE…!!!" [moment]… in the dessolution of our democracy… I wonder if he was "packing" or if his indiscretion in "Afpak" has put him in the rubber gun gang… I seriously doubt he has lost his gun, though, after all his victims were the same Pakistanis our government kills wholesale on a daily basis…. I don't think Pakistani lives are very important in their galaxy….. Murder , Mayhem….Madness in public..?? O.K. but NIMBY……

  8. You are a rowdy bunch of commenters but I admit they made me smile. This just after reading another CIA story about the kinds of friends they keep. Check it out: Our Man in Kandahar by Matthieu Aikins. It also mentions another friend of the CIA, former governor of Ghazni and Kandahar and made pretty famous by the Canadian government whistle blower and by the media there for allegations of his personal involvement in torturing detainees. His name is Assadulah Khalid and him too is on the CIA pay roll. The Canadian government actually pressured Pres. Karzai into removing him as governor. It's rumored this friend of the US government may have staged the huge prison break in Kandahar some years ago as revenge against the Canadians who till then were in charge. Here's the link for those interested: cut and paste it or google it.

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