Barbarous Italians Unimprison, Nonassassinate Possible Criminal

Breaking news in a case that I have diligently ignored for years:

Italian Court Overturns Knox Conviction

PERUGIA, Italy—An Italian appeals court on Monday acquitted American student Amanda Knox of murdering her roommate, a stunning turnaround in Ms. Knox’s yearslong quest to clear her name and end her nightmare journey through the Italian justice system. [Emphasis mine.]

Surprisingly, that’s The Wall Street Journal‘s lede. Why am I surprised? Well, here’s a typical Journal take on sunny Guantanamo Bay.

And here’s a typical Journal take on the assassination of an unindicted rabble-rouser.

Seriously, watch those two videos, especially the second one. Ah, yes, those libertarian law professors

BONUS LINK: Dorothy Rabinowitz defends people convicted* of sex crimes against children!

*And most likely innocent.