Barbarous Italians Unimprison, Nonassassinate Possible Criminal

Breaking news in a case that I have diligently ignored for years:

Italian Court Overturns Knox Conviction

PERUGIA, Italy—An Italian appeals court on Monday acquitted American student Amanda Knox of murdering her roommate, a stunning turnaround in Ms. Knox’s yearslong quest to clear her name and end her nightmare journey through the Italian justice system. [Emphasis mine.]

Surprisingly, that’s The Wall Street Journal‘s lede. Why am I surprised? Well, here’s a typical Journal take on sunny Guantanamo Bay.

And here’s a typical Journal take on the assassination of an unindicted rabble-rouser.

Seriously, watch those two videos, especially the second one. Ah, yes, those libertarian law professors

BONUS LINK: Dorothy Rabinowitz defends people convicted* of sex crimes against children!

*And most likely innocent. 


9 thoughts on “Barbarous Italians Unimprison, Nonassassinate Possible Criminal”

  1. Wow- incredible- what a couple of fascists. I was going to use the N word with the z in it but that would not be fair to vanished murderous ideologies.

    "Killing people- that's what Americans do, that's what the founders wanted us to do- otherwise they would have said so- and anyone who thinks otherwise just hates America."

    Well, your America, yeah, I'm afraid so, lady. Ron Paul's? Not so much.

  2. Wow what fantasy world do these people live in? it's hard to understand how we as a nation could have gotten so far away from our ideals. The ignorance of these people is shocking. What is worse is that we are probably outnumbered by them.

  3. Don't think Rabinowitz belongs on your list. In fact, I think she's a courageous writer.

    Two decades ago, satanic ritual abuse was the scrouge of the moment. It was endlessly tracked and profiled on news programs, in books and films, in documentaries, and especially on daytime talk shows – the reality television of the 1980s. Hosts like Sally Jesse Raphael and Geraldo Rivera probably did more than any other sources to alert America of the frightening danger comprised by these vastly populated secret cults, which sexually abused children and practiced rites featuring outrage as bizarre and vomitous as murder and cannibalism.

    One problem: Satanic ritual abuse didn't exist. It was an urban legend writ large and deep. It was part of a widely held, fervently believed article of pure, perverse faith – that child sexual abuse was as widespread as ragweed, as endemic to our society as the internal combustion engine and government waste.

    And it was a fairy tale. One with virulent, awesome power to destroy people and families.

    With no actual proof, not even reliable evidence that child abuse was as widespread as their whim dogma proposed, short-lived luminaries like Gloria Steinem's Ms. magazine were major clearinghouses for the issue, always handled from the most credulous, predetermined positions. There was never a question of whether the most sensational sex-abuse cases were real. They always were.

    This delusion dwelled and intensified in solicitous cooperation not only of media and academia, but of law and legislature, investigator and social worker; most of the country and the world believed adult males committed child sexual abuse as commonly as they wore shoes. We're living the results: Decades of corrosive, counterintuitive indoctrination, families destroyed by phony "recovered memories" of rape and abuse, and a fractured, alienated sexual dynamic between men and women, children and adults.

    And with exception of writers like Rabinowitz, this outrage never has been walked back, rarely declaimed or defused.

    1. You missed my point. I hate explaining jokes, but here goes: In the video, Rabinowitz and her friend accuse Ron Paul and Gary Johnson of defending terrorists because they argued for due process for accused — not convicted, not even indicted — "terrorists." Rabinowitz has argued for due process for *convicted* child molesters (who, as my asterisk noted, were most likely innocent), so…

      Get it?

      1. I apologize. I overlooked your asterisk. It's just a subject that outrages me – the concoction all men, ALL of us, are closet rapists and child molesters. In the 40 years since it was cooked up, it's never been walked back. No scientific evidence supports it, no arrest statistics back it up. But for all relentless imprimatur it got in academia and media, there's little public admission it's discredited.

  4. It’s ironic that even as the police hypothesized that Knox did some weed, went reefer mad, and then helped a drifter and her boyfriend murder a roommate that it doesn’t occur to people that it’s possible that people under trauma may say stupid things.

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