A Dark Day for Democrats

Sarah Palin will not run for president in 2012. Though Andrew Sullivan can be expected to persist in his quest to deploy U.N. inspectors to Palin’s uterus, the nation’s less-cracked Obamatons will have to build a new uber-bogeyman to juxtapose with the Lightworker.

Thoughtful liberal is too heartbroken to castigate Republican misogynists today.It’s not fair. Why, Andrew just blogged his little heart out about evil Sarah a few hours ago! And what did he have to say about the man who just executed a U.S. citizen without even the pretense of due process?

Obama has ended torture and pursued a real war, not an ideological spectacle. He has destroyed almost all of al Qaeda of 9/11 (if Zawahiri is taken out, no one is left), obliterated its ranks in Afghanistan and Pakistan, found and killed bin Laden, in a daring raid pushed relentlessly by the president alone, capturing alongside a trove of intelligence, procured as a consequence of courage and tenacity rather than cowardice and torture. …

Back in 2001, I wondered if Bush would be the president to win this war, while hoping he would. I wondered if his errors might lead to a successor who learned from them. That hope has now been fulfilled – more swiftly and decisively than I once dared to dream about.

5 thoughts on “A Dark Day for Democrats”

  1. i really am disappointed in the choice of pictures as i am an anti-war, pro-market libertarian …with lots of tattoos. although not on my hands. i do have a good job too. that guy will make a great street beggar one of these days when socialism does not save him.

  2. "….found and killed bin Laden, in a daring raid…."

    not to sound too unpatriotic, but what exactly did seal team six do? a team of super-commandos
    attacks a compound, defended only by a butler with a bolt-action rifle. arrests and then executes
    a senile dialysis patient. how daring! how brave! maybe strangle a kitten for an encore?

    intel trove my butt! obl had not been involved in the group for years. poor old fart living alone,
    watching old clips of his glory days. if otherwise, live intel would be more valuable than a
    couple thumb drives of downloaded porn films.

    1. Yeah, and how do we know the "truth" of what happened? Bin Laden's body wasn't retained for identification and/or autopsy by international authorities. Damned peculiar, that.

      The U.S. Government is a lying government. It doesn't tell the truth about anything–wars, Jessica Lynch, Pat Tillman, ad nauseam. . . .

    1. No difference. That's what Ralph Nader said. Got us eight years of W. I detest "liberalism" as much as anyone, but I won't be deluded into thinking that voting the backlash against Obama into office will be more of the same.

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