DEA Informants – America’s Biggest Liars?

All this hoopla over the alleged Iranian plot to use Mexican drug lords to carry out an assassination of a Saudi at a fictitious DC restaurant – I knew there was something very strange about this…

And then I read that the linchpin of the case is a paid Drug Enforcement Administration informant who recently faced drug charges and had “cooperated” with authorities to avoid going to prison himself.

Geez, doesn’t anybody in the mainstream media have a BS radar any more?

DEA informants are notorious for being even more dishonest than congressmen. Here is a link to an NPR story last year on one slippery DEA informant that blew up a major case. The DEA knew that its most successful informant from the mid-1980s through 1999 was a brazen liar who routinely committed perjury in federal court. But the feds had no problem with using someone who subverted justice and made a mockery of the judicial system.

Given the nature of US drug laws, the DEA relies on perpetual deceit to justify its own existence.

And we are supposed to rely on a DEA informant to rev up the case for going to war with Iran?

Just when I think that DC could not be fuller of ****, the Obama administration proves me wrong again.

7 thoughts on “DEA Informants – America’s Biggest Liars?”

  1. The first thing that occurred to me when reading about this matter was that it is wondrously convenient for a development of the war on drugs in Mexico. If you can link proper terrorist activity with the Mexican cartels then you are able to aim the full military-eavesdropping capabilities of the US towards that low intensity conflict south of the border. It is my understanding that, until now, there has been open cooperation only between civilian law enforcing agencies in both countries. The terrorism story line thickens the plot as it –I presume- enables a completely different policy towards crime in the hemisphere. ¿Could it be that in the not so distant future Reaper drones unleash hell from above in the mountains of Chihuahua or Sinaloa? One could argue that paramilitary gangs like the Zetas are a much more urgent example of clear and present danger for democracies in North America than the machinations of a backwards regime on the other side of the planet. I think the cartels are being corralled into a proper war.

    1. Nice point – it´s a win-win situation for the Feds.

      I think we can count on Mexico living with our drones in the very near future, if they aren´t already. But the US plays fair – there will be drones operating within US boundaries as well.

  2. what was this guys name chalabi? miller? libby? powell? sakashvilli(sp?)? coleman/headley?Amerika the worlds proxy prybar, got a gripe there is always a lobbyist in D.C. or narrative crafter(Rendon grp. -connect dots to I. Scooter Leibowitz). Cognitive infiltration for beneficial cognitive diversity- thats the Harvard Boys doing us again:)

  3. I hope everyone is not surprised by this BSlies from Obama the lying bas—-and warmonger,he is making war with Ugandan LRA and soon the world,I pray this man is gone in 2012 elections before we end up in world war with Russia and China together,think of the world with nukes falling every where,I know some of you will give me a bad comment but that OK,I want peace do you,if not then vote Obama and have dozens of wars and watch our young men die for this scums wars

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