The ‘Plot’: A Whiskey-Swilling, Bumbling Link to Iran

If you thought the DC “assassination plot” sounded improbable before, wait until you hear how the whole ridiculous story ties into Iran’s Quds Force.

Detailing the connection of a “notorious Iranian militant,” the Washington Post is only too willing to take the allegations at face value, spelling out with a straight face one of the most preposterous narratives imaginable.

It goes like this: Quds Force Commander Abdul Shahlai, who is a real whiz with assassinations, decided to use Mexican drug cartels (for some inscrutable reason) to either kidnap or knock off the Saudi Ambassador.

But Shahlai didn’t know any drug cartels. So he called up his cousin, a whiskey-swilling failed used car salesman from Texas. Why, you ask? A direct quote from Wapo says:

U.S. officials say that Shahlai hoped that Arbabsiar, by virtue of his time in Texas, might be able to get in touch with Mexican drug traffickers

That’s right ladies and gentlemen: the case for Iran’s Quds Force being behind this “plot” rests on the assumption that a highly organized military force that is supposedly at the forefront of the assassination game called somebody’s bumbling cousin who lived in Texas, to see if he happened to know any Mexican drug cartels, because Texas is close to Mexico.